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You find yourself in need of purchasing a paper, and you come across a service advertising content at a cost of $6 per page. It’s certainly tempting, isn’t it? However, let’s be frank here: the realization that highly skilled writers within the academic writing field typically command no less than $15 per page might lead you to view such an offer with a measure of skepticism. Is it possible that it’s simply too good to be true? Intrigued by the prospect, I decided to delve into the service and craft a comprehensive review of WritingEssayEast. My initial step involved scouring the internet for Writing Essay East reviews. While the quantity of reviews available is limited, the prevailing sentiment tends to be negative. Naturally, the Writing Essay East website showcases exclusively positive testimonials, though the authenticity of these can be questioned. With this in mind, I undertook a thorough investigation of the service to provide you with a comprehensive perspective.

Services Review

The array of options available for academic papers is quite extensive through the service list. WritingEssayEast has effectively compiled a comprehensive selection of various paper types that cater to the needs of students, and these offerings are all reasonably priced. The service encompasses a broad range of papers, extending even to business writing assistance and resume creation. This diversity prompts one to ponder whether the team can proficiently manage such a wide array of orders.

Evaluation of Pricing

This service is among the most budget-friendly writing solutions I’ve encountered. While other companies also present attractive pricing structures, the $6 per page rate is notably one of the lowest for academic content. In a landscape of intense competition, it’s unsurprising to encounter these lower rates. Yet, a pertinent question arises: are these prices commensurate with the expertise of PhD and MA writers? Could the best writers truly be drawn by such modest compensation? The available testimonials don’t allude to any concealed expenses, thus indicating that the writers associated with this service may indeed receive meager compensation. To appreciate the peculiarity of the $6 price point, one must contrast it with the rates of the top-tier companies I’ve assessed. These rates typically commence around $20 per page and escalate to nearly $60 for the utmost quality under the tightest deadlines. In contrast, at WritingEssayEast, a fee of $28 per page secures Professional quality with a 3-hour deadline. The disparity is striking. While the website lacks explicit discount offers, it’s reasonable to wonder whether discounts are even anticipated at such a low price point. WritingEssayEast.com undeniably boasts affordability compared to many other services. Nonetheless, the value of this lower price hinges entirely on the service’s ability to deliver genuinely distinctive and high-quality content. Can the service uphold this standard?

Assessment of Content Quality

Now, we delve into the crux of the review. I made a purchase of an economical paper from this platform, opting for the highest level with a 10-day deadline at a cost of $11 per page. My expectations were pragmatic given the price. Yet, regrettably, the outcome was far from satisfactory. The assigned writer overshot the deadline by 6 hours, an unexpected delay for a relatively uncomplicated paper. A 10-day timeframe for a 3-page essay should have been ample. However, this was not the most disappointing aspect of the experience. The paper I received was one of the poorest I’ve encountered from a writing service. I cross-referenced it through Copyscape, which revealed a concerning 47% level of plagiarism. Furthermore, the grammar exhibited notable flaws. This essay was far from meeting the minimum benchmarks of academic writing in terms of organization, argumentation, and originality. Even at a high school level, it would merit a failing grade. The website boasts claims that ring somewhat hollow. Allegedly, only 2% of customers request revisions, but the veracity of this claim remains questionable, as revisions seem scarcely available. I reached out to request alterations to the paper, including the removal of plagiarism. Despite my queries, there was no response.

Customer Support Agents

Even when dealing with a modestly priced service, effective customer support remains an expectation. When dealing with academic papers, price is often secondary to reliability. A dependable team that can furnish quality content punctually is imperative to avoid academic setbacks. The website cites 24/7 support; however, this assertion seems to be at odds with reality. Contact options are limited to a message-based contact form, lacking the more immediate channels of phone support or live chat. Regrettably, my inquiries through this form went unanswered. Promising free revisions yet failing to respond to such requests lends a distinctly dubious air to the service.

Closing Remarks

My extensive online searches yielded a notable absence of positive independent reviews for WritingEssayEast.com. Yes, the cost is appealingly low. However, it appears that the students who patronize this service often feel disinclined to expend even modest sums on subpar content. Despite having allotted a substantial timeframe for my paper, the writer still fell short on timely delivery. The content I received was sourced from an evidently common online resource, replete with plagiarism. The writer’s lack of effort in integrating various sources was evident. In essence, I found myself subjected to a scam, as the promised revisions were inexplicably withheld by the team. Because of this, I believe that this is not a great company to work with, and despite low prices, I strongly suggest do not order your academic papers at WritingEssayEast.



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