WritersPerHour.com Review

My initial encounter with this website didn’t leave a positive impression. The design appeared overly simplistic, resembling something akin to a high-school project. Conversely, the content presented on the website seemed excessively intricate. The sentences seemed to stretch on indefinitely. For instance, consider this example: “Our team comprises highly skilled writers who possess expertise across a wide array of subjects, and they are well-equipped to provide assistance for a variety of academic writing tasks, and so on…” My goodness! So many words for conveying a straightforward message. After I placed an order for an essay on WritersPerHour.com, my perception remained unaltered: an abundance of verbiage and insufficient substance. To gain insight into my experience with WritersPerHour, delve into my comprehensive review.

Services Review

The range of services provided is quite impressive. When you access the price calculator, you’ll find an assortment of paper types meticulously arranged in alphabetical order. The team is proficient in producing an array of documents, including analysis papers, articles, various assignments, coursework, critical and creative writing assignments, IB internal assessments, IB Theory of Knowledge essays, marketing plans, rhetorical analyses, and more. I found this list to be highly commendable, encompassing fundamental tasks that are also available through other platforms. However, there seems to be a development within the industry, as services are progressively incorporating more contemporary project types. The only setback I have is the doubt regarding these writers’ ability to effectively execute every task on the list.

Prices Review

The pricing structure is notably steep, which caught me off guard considering the service’s relatively modest popularity. To be fair, the starting prices are relatively reasonable. For instance, an essay can be obtained for as low as $11.99 per page, but this rate corresponds to a 30-day deadline. However, it’s realistic to acknowledge that most students aren’t likely to order their papers that far in advance. The site’s higher costs are associated with shorter deadlines, which are notably pricey. Opting for a doctoral quality level with a 5-hour deadline entails a staggering fee of $79.99 per page – undeniably excessive. Writers Per Hour does offer a 15% discount for first-time orders, but there’s no discount program in place for returning customers. Yet, after experiencing their services just once, it’s hard to fathom why anyone would contemplate returning for more content.

Quality of Content

I placed an order for a Master’s level paper with a two-day deadline. Although the initial quote was $31.99 per page, the 15% discount was applied, slightly reducing the cost. The two-day timeframe elapsed without any paper being delivered. Inquiries directed at customer support yielded a discourteous response: “I assume your writer is still working on it, so you’ll need to exercise patience.” I requested a refund, a plea that was conveniently disregarded. The paper eventually arrived four days after my initial order, with no offer of a partial refund to offset the delay. The quality of the paper did not justify the steep cost. It failed to meet Master’s level standards, evidenced by flawed sentences replete with tense issues. The evident non-native English phrasing was particularly disappointing, especially considering the substantial amount paid for the essay.

Customer Support Agents

The customer support agents consistently displayed a discourteous demeanor and proved ineffective in addressing concerns. While the website offers what appears to be a live chat feature, it functions more as a message submission form, given the agents are seldom online. Engaging with the agents requires submitting a message and awaiting a response. In my case, it took approximately six hours to receive a reply. The larger issue lies in the agents’ lack of engagement and apparent disinterest in resolving my concerns. Their responses conveyed a sense that my inquiries were unwelcome, effectively making me feel at fault for seeking information on the status of my paper.

Writers Per Hour Review – Final Thoughts

While there was potential in WritersPerHour, I found it to be largely unrealized. The sole positive aspect of this service was its extensive array of offerings. Hopefully, other companies will draw inspiration from this diverse range and broaden their product selection accordingly. However, Writers Per Hour struggled to execute even the simplest projects, as evidenced by my disastrous experience with an essay order. The paper was not delivered punctually, the payment was substantial for subpar quality, and a refund was not provided. Because of this, I believe that WritersPerHour is not a great company to work with. There are companies that are cheaper, more effective, and more customer-oriented.



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