Upon my initial encounter with the website, I must admit I was underwhelmed. The absence of vibrant colors and the overall somber aesthetics did not resonate with my personal preference for a more lively design. However, I am aware that first impressions can be deceiving and that a website’s appearance alone should not dictate judgment. Considering the positive feedback surrounding, I felt compelled to delve deeper. As a British writing service, is tailored to meet the unique demands of its market. The writers associated with this platform boast degrees from esteemed UK universities, underscoring their qualification and expertise. With a tenure spanning over 14 years in the industry, the company has established a significant reputation and garnered substantial prestige. Naturally, my curiosity led me to order an essay in order to evaluate the service’s performance firsthand. The insights from my experience are outlined in my forthcoming review.

Services Review

The services provided by UK Essays are neatly categorized into a few distinct sections: essay writing, dissertation writing, report writing, proofreading, and other specialized offerings such as exam revision service and PowerPoint assistance. While the order form does allow for multiple product selections, it is worth noting that a comprehensive list of services is somewhat lacking, even within the order form. The array of choices available is relatively limited. An intriguing feature that caught my attention is the availability of essay skeletons, or outlines. This unique offering sets UK Essays apart from typical writing agencies. The provision of outlines can be incredibly beneficial, especially for students who possess writing skills but struggle with commencing the writing process. Such outlines can significantly diminish the effort required for planning and research, expediting the initial stages of writing. A truly valuable resource, indeed.

Prices Review

It is imperative that UKEssays rectify the absence of a clear price chart on their website. While a price calculator is accessible, it prompts users to choose their project type, level of study, and desired grade. This system involves the curious request for the desired grade despite the company’s inability to guarantee a specific grade. Regarding the pricing structure, I was genuinely taken aback by the elevated rates. The price calculator offers quotes for different deadlines. For instance, an undergraduate-level essay (the lowest quality tier) starts at a staggering $176 for a 1000-word paper. The prices remain consistent even for shorter essays. Conversely, for longer essays, prices increase substantially. At the pinnacle, a 1000-word PhD-level essay delivered on the same day commands an astonishing $4,453. Equally astonishing is the price of $5,566 for a mere 250 additional words (1250 words total). Evidently, writers demand over $1100 for a mere 250-word extension. Such pricing appears to defy reality. To put it mildly, the pricing is astonishingly exorbitant.

Content Quality

Satisfactory. This succinct term encapsulates the quality of work I received from this company. The paper excelled across the spectrum, encompassing quality, research, structure, and style. The writer diligently adhered to all instructions, yielding a paper that was unmistakably crafted from scratch. However, considering the exorbitant price, the paper did not quite attain the level of distinctiveness I anticipated. I have encountered superior papers at significantly lower costs from alternative services.

Customer Support Agents

While navigating the website, I found the live chat feature to be slightly intrusive due to its inability to minimize. Nonetheless, the presence of a live chat is an advantageous feature. The agents are available ceaselessly, albeit occasionally a bit persistent in their communication, even in instances where responses are not promptly reciprocated.

Final Thoughts

It is worth mentioning that offers a treasure trove of valuable free resources, including essay and dissertation samples, referencing guidelines, writing manuals, and exam revision materials. I recommend perusing these resources given their complimentary nature. However, the pricing structure is utterly unreasonable. The exorbitant quotes for standard essays are unparalleled in my experience.

Because of this, I believe that UKEssays is not the right service to work with, and suggest you do not spend money on ordering papers here.


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