Thepensters positions itself as a “novel form of custom writing service.” I consistently sought out distinctive features that would characterize it as such, but their offerings and approach are remarkably straightforward and comparable to most other companies. It’s possible that this assertion is based on their status as a bidding company. However, given the multitude of bidding services I’ve encountered thus far, there’s nothing particularly innovative about their system. If you’ve engaged with a bidding service for academic papers before, you’re likely familiar with the routine. The process involves placing your order and awaiting bids and quotes from writers. Subsequently, you select a quote that aligns with your budget and willingness to spend, and then proceed to remunerate the chosen writer. The ensuing developments are elaborated upon in the following sections of my review of Thepensters.

Services Review

Do not place complete trust in the website’s provided list—it is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive. When dealing with a bidding company, you have the flexibility to order virtually anything you desire. While this offers the significant advantage of accessing items otherwise unavailable elsewhere, it carries the downside of no guarantee regarding the availability of bidders or qualified bidders for your specific request. Nonetheless, it serves as a promising beginning, offering the ability to tailor orders according to your preferences and financial constraints throughout your academic journey. The competitive lower bids naturally entice students with their attractive pricing; however, the privilege of selecting a writer also implies the responsibility for ensuring quality.

Review of Pricing

The sole pricing indicator provided on the website is the lowest permissible quote. Writers are not permitted to bid below $9 per page for written content orders. While imposing limitations is sensible, this price point appears somewhat unrealistic, particularly for academic writing. To achieve commendable quality, the work should be undertaken by a genuine expert—an elusive find at such low rates. Despite this, upon submitting my order to The Pensters, nearly every bid received was $9 per page. Despite my notably short four-day deadline, numerous writers opted for this rate in their bids. While this was the most attractive price point I had encountered, it was also the most blatantly misleading. My apprehensions concerning quality persisted despite the writers’ impressive qualifications. It’s a rare occurrence to receive a bid from a writer with a Master’s degree and extensive experience, offering to complete a task within four days, all for $9 per page.

Quality of Content

Certainly, these prices appeared too good to be authentic. The writer from, who initially seemed foolproof for the task, turned out to be a sham. None of the information on the writer’s profile proved accurate. How am I aware of this? The writer’s lack of proficiency in the English language was strikingly evident, as indicated by the compromised text quality, including inconsistent tenses. I began revising the text immediately upon receipt, yet I abandoned the effort midway due to its inscrutability. The majority of the content was baffling and nonsensical. Despite the presence of considerable data such as numbers and facts, not a single reference was included. Subsequent plagiarism scanning (using an external tool, not the free one on their site) disclosed over 35% plagiarism. In a bid to falsely convey absolute originality, they provide a free plagiarism checker on the website. However, this tool demonstrated a mere 2% plagiarism for a paper that was actually 35.4% plagiarized.

Customer Support Agents

Burdened with substantial and legitimate concerns, I sought assistance and guidance from their support team. Despite presenting unequivocal evidence that their website’s plagiarism scanner was fraudulent and their writers’ profiles were fabricated, all my requests for a refund were rejected by Thepensters. Their proposed solution was a revision within four days—a proposition no diligent student would find acceptable when faced with impending deadlines.

Concluding Remarks left such a trail of disappointment that it continues to frustrate me upon reflection. A service that purportedly stands out for its uniqueness and excellence turned out to be an utter letdown, both for me and evidently for many others who have utilized it. Their deception spans from writers’ qualifications to their guarantees. While the pricing might tempt you to consider making a purchase, if you seek quality and genuine originality, I strongly advise exploring alternatives. Because of this, Thepensters isn’t a choice I’d make again in terms of any academic help. Even for free.


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