Based on the information presented on the Superbpaper website, the company claims a substantial customer return rate exceeding 80%. However, data from external sources suggests that these figures are considerably skewed. Superb Paper is a service that has largely eluded my awareness, possibly due to its lack of popularity among students, attributed to persistent challenges tied to delivery and quality. Despite these preconceptions, I hold the belief that it’s unwise to hastily form judgments. Hence, I embarked on comprehensive research to construct an impartial superbpaper review, culminating in a revelation of the insights I gathered during this investigation.

Services Review

The offerings on the website might not be extensive, but the range is commendable. It encompasses essays, research papers, dissertations, term papers, as well as projects like case studies and presentations. Additionally, provides services such as editing, proofreading, book and movie reviews, and reports. While this list may not rival those of other companies in terms of quantity, it adequately caters to making academic pursuits more manageable. However, this assertion holds true only if the quality aligns with the promised standards, which, as you’ll soon discover, does not hold true in this case.

Review of Pricing

Though not immediately apparent, Superbpaper stands out for its affordability. With the incorporation of discounts available to both new and returning customers, prices can dip below $10. New customers are offered a 5% discount, while returning clients reportedly enjoy discounts of up to 15%. It’s important to note that these discounts are not regular or part of a loyalty program. Rather, they are granted by the customer support team, necessitating an inquiry to ascertain eligibility. Even in the absence of fixed discounts, the prices are incredibly enticing. For instance, an essay for high school students costs $10 when ordered 14 days prior to the deadline. Meanwhile, the cost of a PhD essay or dissertation amounts to $29 for the same timeframe, with no option for extended deadlines in these instances. The absence of such flexibility is perplexing, particularly considering the considerably lower rates compared to what is customary for companies claiming to be ‘superb.’

Quality of Content

This section constitutes a major letdown in my superbpaper review. Amidst the lofty promises and attractive pricing, the quality disappoints significantly. Rather than receiving a well-crafted essay, I was presented with copied content sourced from three distinct origins—a fact promptly verified through a basic plagiarism scan. The writer seemingly haphazardly assembled elements onto the paper, displaying a lack of coherent thought. Portions of the content were disjointed, and the original segments were rife with numerous errors. This paper was beyond salvaging unless a complete rewrite was undertaken. Even in the event of such an endeavor, the absence of references rendered it over 70% plagiarized. This level of substandard work is unacceptable from any writing service, serving as a clear rationale for a refund. However, my appeal was met with refusal. It appears such issues are recurrent here, as Superb Paper declines to acknowledge them as grounds for reimbursement (or at least this was the case in my instance).

Customer Support Agents

The responsibility of addressing substantial concerns like mine falls within the purview of customer support agents. However, their approach left much to be desired. Our communication occurred through their live chat form, initially connecting me with an automated bot dispensing vague responses. Eventually, I reached an actual agent, but their English comprehension and composition skills were sorely lacking. The interaction was markedly unprofessional, yielding no resolution to my predicament. Without providing any explanation, apology, or justification, I was bluntly informed that I was ineligible for any form of refund. Upon requesting a thorough revision, the response was to order another paper with identical instructions. Such an expectation is impractical, given the unsatisfactory service previously experienced.

Superbpaper Review – Final Thoughts

The inception of my review held promise, but matters rapidly deteriorated post-ordering. Superb Paper boasts competitive rates and a diverse service catalog, yet the disappointing quality and inadequate support counteract these attributes. Regrettably, Superb Paper displays indifference towards customer satisfaction and lacks substantial guarantees. As long as they can entice with their pricing, they are inclined to make grandiose promises and outline various assurances. In my case, they failed to uphold numerous commitments, save for timely delivery. Because of this, I’d strongly recommend you to stay away from as, despite low rates and a solid service list, level of their quality and support are terrible.


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