Studybay was an unfamiliar name to me until recently. Upon visiting their homepage, I found myself more perplexed than after reading numerous Studybay reviews. The terminology they use, such as labeling writing help as “tutoring,” was quite puzzling. However, I’ve now grasped the primary concept of their service – they provide paper writing assistance for students, rather than offering tutoring. Despite this, it’s notable that Study Bay’s website employs the language of tutoring and tutors instead of explicitly mentioning writing services and writers. The platform operates on a bidding system, where individuals vying for projects are referred to as tutors. This choice of terminology introduces significant confusion for those visiting their site. After deliberating, I opted to place an order to clarify matters for the purpose of my Studybay review. It was then that I discovered the true nature of the service – it functions as a writing service utilizing a bidding model. The decision to mislead customers with terminology that deviates from their actual service is puzzling.

Services Review

You have the option to request anything you desire on this platform, which is certainly advantageous. However, there is no guarantee, neither from them nor from myself, that you will receive favorable bids or any bids at all. This is a common occurrence among bidding companies. While you may encounter the best possible prices, you may also encounter limitations on bids and struggle to locate your chosen writer. I did not face this issue when I placed my order. I promptly received bids within seconds, leading me to doubt whether they even took a closer look at my paper. Additionally, I did not provide much detail about the topic, simply writing ‘psychology’ to determine whether the service involved tutoring or writing. Some of their writers even wrote messages such as: ‘I have precisely written that essay,’ suggesting that they do not invest time in reading the actual order.

Prices Review

The prices are also something I cannot definitively comment on. In my case, they were quite appealing. Some of the bidders offered quotes of less than $8 per page, and my deadline was only six days away. This is not something you often find in other companies, but that is what I experienced. Interestingly, all the writers’ profiles seemed impressive yet somewhat fabricated. Writers with qualifications in various fields immediately applied to my order, prompting me to immediately disregard those applications. Surprisingly, there were no writers with negative ratings or comments, not even one, which left me quite astonished. It is simply too unrealistic.

Content Quality

I had reservations about the quality of the paper I would receive here due to the writers’ profiles and the oddly swift bids. It is difficult to expect much from writers who do not even take the time to read my order and inquire about details before claiming they have written on the same topic. I had not even provided the topic initially, making the situation quite perplexing. The quality did not meet my expectations. The writer clearly misrepresented their credentials because, with that level of educational background, there should not have been as many mistakes and instances of plagiarism in my essay as I discovered. The only way such a service could function effectively is if they verify their writers’ credentials and ensure they are truthful before allowing them to bid on orders.

Customer Support Agents

I discussed this matter with the customer support agents in the hopes of finding a resolution. The agents took their fair share of time to respond, but the communication was professional. However, their assistance was limited. They contacted the writer and arranged for a revision, but this process required a significant amount of persuasion and took four days to accomplish. By the time I received the revised paper, which still did not meet my expectations, a week had already passed since my deadline. This would be unacceptable for any student facing a deadline. These agents handled the revision aspect, but I had expected them to offer a refund due to their no-plagiarism policy and the fact that the writer had provided false information in their profile. However, based on what I have read in other people’s testimonials, this situation occurs all too frequently. Despite their competitive pricing, the company lacks popularity.

Final Thoughts

It has been some time since I utilized the services of a bidding company, but my experience with this service was not significantly different from my previous encounters. Such a service cannot succeed unless they thoroughly evaluate their writers. Initially, I was pleased with the pricing system of, as $5 per page is the lowest price I have come across. However, considering the swift responses from writers to my order and my overall experience, I should have anticipated the disappointing outcome – and indeed, the results were unsatisfactory. Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering papers at StudyBay, as they are failed to deliver quality.



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