RapidEssay.com Review

Evidently, the nomenclature of Rapidessay.com derives from their prowess in swiftly composing papers. Their range of deadline options extends to as little as four hours, a commendable feat. However, upon perusing several rapidessay.com reviews, my curiosity was piqued as to why this service places such emphasis on rapidity, considering their unfavorable repute in the most pivotal aspect – the quality. Quality assumes paramount significance when engaging a company’s services. Consequently, I found myself compelled to conduct an in-depth exploration in order to craft an authentic rapid essay review. This entailed a comprehensive examination of their impeccably designed website, an analysis of their pricing structure and service offerings, culminating in a scrutiny of a research paper they delivered. The ensuing sections will provide an elucidation of these aspects.

RapidEssay.com Services Review

In the service list of RapidEssay, I discovered a comprehensive range of papers that extends beyond the offerings of other companies—some even more unconventional. While papers like journal articles, poems, and blog posts might appear rare in such contexts, this company showcases a broader spectrum of services. Notably, its scope isn’t solely tailored to students, but it also encompasses a wider audience. However, for students, the inclusion of all academic paper types is a pivotal aspect, and in this regard, RapidEssay successfully meets these requirements. Having examined this aspect, I proceeded to delve into the following section.

RapidEssay Prices Review

The most pleasant surprise this service offers is its notably affordable pricing structure. At a glance, the price tag of $10 per page can be exhilarating for students, especially when juxtaposed with the rates of most other online companies. Yet, my experience has taught me to approach such affordability with caution. Often, companies that offer exceptionally low prices struggle to deliver on their promises of employing top-tier writers, ultimately leading to subpar papers and unsatisfactory service. Nevertheless, I resolved to withhold judgment until I had received my paper. A thorough examination of their pricing model revealed genuinely competitive rates. The $10 rate pertains solely to high school level papers with a 14-day deadline. For undergraduates in their third or fourth year, Master’s and Doctoral program students, the longest available deadline is a month. The price range for papers due within a month is between $17 and $26 per page. Remarkably, these prices remain consistent regardless of the paper type. Even for dissertations, the rates hold at $17 to $26 per page. However, this particular price range is stipulated for orders exceeding 30 pages. Other deadline options do not come with such limitations. While the homepage advertises a “discount,” there is a conspicuous absence of any actual discount information across the site. Notably, none of the testimonials from students mention receiving any form of discount.

Content Quality

Despite the ambiguous discount promise, the alluring pricing prompted me to proceed with an order. Regrettably, my apprehensions materialized into reality. A disconcerting misalignment between the name and the service became evident. The writer assigned to my order not only missed the deadline—an awkward scenario for a service emphasizing rapid deliveries—but their writing quality was deplorable. Expected to meet a Master’s level standard, the delivered content fell significantly short and would be unfit even for a high school assignment. It wasn’t merely the lackluster quality that disappointed; the writer’s command of English was severely lacking, rendering much of the content incomprehensible. Additionally, instances of plagiarism were detected, accounting for 27% of the paper.

Customer Support Agents

Upon uncovering the plagiarism and encountering the delay, I promptly contacted customer support, providing all relevant information. I expected that the missed deadline would at least warrant a refund. However, my expectations were dashed, as the support failed to address the issue adequately. Subsequently, I presented the plagiarism report, only to be met with a dismissive response that deemed “some plagiarism” as acceptable. This stance is at odds with the views of educators and professors who would not share such leniency towards plagiarism. Regrettably, my interaction with the support agent yielded no redress, not even an offer for a free revision—a hypothetical offer rendered moot given the initial missed deadline.

Rapid Essay Review – Final Thoughts

While the allure of remarkably low prices and an extensive array of services might tempt potential customers, the service’s negative reputation serves as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls. In light of this, I strongly caution against procuring papers from RapidEssay.com. Beneath the facade of budget-friendly rates lies a concerning pattern of subpar quality and a lack of responsible customer support.



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