If you were in search of an economical source for obtaining papers, might catch your attention. Nevertheless, given the remarkably low prices, it’s prudent not to anticipate an exceptionally high caliber of content from the writers. This was my initial assumption upon perusing the page rates, as most content creators command significantly higher fees for their proficiency. Nonetheless, it remains both my commitment and duty to scrutinize each service to comprehend their operational methodologies. Pro-papers appears to project an aura of authenticity based on the design of their website and the showcased testimonials, even though these endorsements don’t precisely mirror the sentiments expressed beyond the confines of the domain.

Services Review

It has been quite a while since companies focused solely on a single type of paper. In the contemporary landscape, most companies boast extensive lists of services, which bears both positive and negative implications. On one hand, sourcing everything from a single provider can be efficient and time-saving. However, ensuring the flawless quality of all content pieces necessitates a considerable cadre of adept writers, each well-versed in crafting specific types of papers. This represents a prevailing trend in today’s service landscape, indicating a substantial service portfolio. Students have the luxury of tapping into a writer pool proficient in essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and even rarer tasks like presentations or speeches. Additionally, they appear to extend their aid to applications, as evidenced by their resume and cover letter support. This marks a promising start for the company in my assessment, contingent upon how well they manage the influx of orders and their capacity to effectively handle diverse tasks.

Prices Review

The pricing, commencing at $10 and beyond, raises a puzzling quandary. Considering the extensive scope of their services, one would reasonably expect an ample corps of highly skilled writers. The premise is valid – there’s a dearth of writers willing to work for such nominal rates. This divergence in pricing is evident when juxtaposed with more established services that offer significantly higher rates. Yet, the allure of the pricing is undeniable, undoubtedly drawing the interest of most students. The pricing structure differs based on page count, academic level, and deadline. Furthermore, distinct pricing tables are provided for various categories of general services, encompassing writing, editing, problem-solving, presentations, and more. Discounts are not presently in play, at least during our evaluation period. While any special offers escaped our notice, fixed discounts appear to be non-existent. This constitutes a substantial disappointment, as discounts often play a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty towards a writing service.

Content Quality

The absence of discounts wouldn’t be a significant concern if it weren’t for the issue of content quality, which stands as a substantial drawback. While the low price tag initially raised doubts, the adept persuasion of the website’s creators and designers elevated our expectations considerably. However, when I received a dissertation chapter ordered two weeks before the deadline, glaring issues emerged. These encompassed not only writing errors indicative of inadequate editing, but also a conspicuous prevalence of plagiarism and an almost complete lack of references and citations. Essentially, the delivered dissertation fell short of the structure and tone one would anticipate from a PhD-level submission.

Customer Support Agents

The underwhelming attributes aren’t confined to just the writers; the agents at this company also exhibit a notable lack of professionalism. Despite the initial appearance upon opening, their responsiveness isn’t swift. In fact, the initial contact upon accessing the website appears automated, and it takes nearly half an hour to secure a response from a live agent. Upon finally making contact, I proceeded to raise crucial inquiries. Initially, I alerted them to the presence of plagiarism, a pervasive concern. The agent’s response was notably tardy and frustrating, culminating in a mere offer of revision. Subsequent discussion of errors and formatting discrepancies led to a somewhat agitated response from the agent, who interjected mid-sentence, advising me to request a revision if I was dissatisfied. Thus, I proceeded with the revision request. Unfortunately, the revised paper arrived nearly four days later, rendering timely submission unfeasible. Moreover, the paper retained instances of plagiarism, with no alteration to formatting.

Final Thoughts

Devoid of adequate customer support and proficient writers, a company is ill-equipped to thrive in this competitive market. While might offer attractive pricing, this factor alone falls short of the requisite standard. Because of this, I don’t suggest you get services from Pro-papers due to the problems they have with plagiarism and poor service.


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