To begin, I want to unveil a revelation that completely shifted my perspective on PaperRater – it deviates from the conventional notion of writing assistance. Unlike numerous other companies, what I discovered while crafting this Paper Rater review is that the essence of this service doesn’t involve human writers creating content from scratch on your behalf. In actuality, this platform necessitates you to possess a preexisting paper, which then interacts with the AI engine known as Grendel, offering the services provided. If you possess an existing paper that you wish to assess, continue reading to ascertain the reliability of this company. However, if you seek a service to generate a paper on your behalf, I recommend seeking an authentic writing service instead.

Services Review

Upon submitting your prepared paper to this engine, it undergoes a process lasting 5 to 15 minutes. During this time, it employs its capabilities, providing grammar and spelling checks, plagiarism detection, and writing suggestions. Furthermore, the paper receives an automated score, serving as an indicator of its quality. All these features are available in the free version. However, opting for the advanced version comes with additional benefits such as an advanced plagiarism checker, file upload, and quicker processing.

Prices Review

It’s important to recognize that this AI tool isn’t available for free – it comes with a cost. Despite displaying a discount that supposedly saves you $7.95, the Paper Rater reviews I’ve encountered suggest this isn’t a limited-time offer, as they claim. This discount seems to have persisted over time, raising questions about its credibility as a marketing strategy. Considering my experience with such tools, even this strategy wouldn’t justify a monthly price of $11.21. An annual subscription costs a substantial $71.55, which is considerably high for such a service. Had the features matched the website’s grandeur claims, I might have recommended the site. However, the AI tool, or engine as they refer to it, remains fairly basic even in the paid version. Given the absence of human intervention and the sole reliance on computer algorithms, the pricing still appears steep.

Content Quality

Here, you won’t find content creation – not in the conventional sense. Several lower-priced AI tools that offer similar functions enable real-time paper composition and editing, while this one necessitates pasting a pre-existing paper or uploading it as a file for those opting for the premium version. Now, let’s delve into the quality of the features available on this platform, which I would rather term as ‘functions’ due to their AI origin rather than human authorship. Beginning with the Paper Rater plagiarism checker, the term ‘basic’ doesn’t do justice to the unpaid version’s capabilities. The results are minimal – it detected no plagiarism even when I pasted content from an externally published paper. Instead of identifying the source, it claimed my content to be entirely plagiarism-free. Next, the grammar checker is passable, mainly because they employ Grammarly for this purpose. However, considering Grammarly’s wide accessibility and superior reputation, it’s worth questioning the need for this service. The auto-corrections are almost comically inadequate, a predictable outcome of an AI-driven tool. Very little was usable for my paper. As for the scoring mechanism, its logic remains baffling. It assigned a ‘B’ grade to my paper, despite it being completely plagiarized from a different source. This assessment method appears questionable.

Customer Support Agents

The individuals behind have furnished an email address for contacting them, complete with specified working hours and non-working weekends. Despite contacting them two weeks ago regarding an issue with their plagiarism checker, I’ve received no response. Consequently, it’s safe to assume that obtaining a refund in case of unfulfilled promises is unlikely.

Paperrater Reviews – Final Thoughts

The concept underpinning the website is commendable, yet its execution leaves much to be desired. Positioned as one of the pricier AI-based tools for paper refinement, it fails to deliver the expected quality. Moreover, a lack of transparency surrounds the automated grading system, leaving users in the dark about its functioning. Because of this, I cannot recommend Paperrater, as there are plenty of other tools that come at lower or no price and offer the same, even better service than this one.


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