Over time, the selection process for where to place an order renders most companies indistinguishable. bears a striking resemblance in design to several other platforms I’ve previously utilized. Its features and assurances also closely resemble those of others. Unfortunately, the absence of any sample papers for review was a considerable letdown. The website’s creators appear to have invested substantial effort in crafting numerous pages that convey the same information. Perusing the pages featured at the top of the homepage yielded no insights for me. In fact, lingering questions about Paper Now remain unanswered by their support team. Delve into my Paper Now review for a comprehensive understanding of the particulars.

Services Review

The reputation of this service, as evident from Papernow reviews, didn’t inspire much confidence. Thus, I anticipated encountering a limited selection when it came to ordering papers. However, to my surprise, their list of offerings was quite extensive. Their range encompasses everything from academic papers to tutoring services, even extending to full application packages for job applicants – a departure from the typical academic focus. This diversity suggests they require a substantial pool of skilled writers to cater to such a broad spectrum. Alternatively, given their reputation, this could be a contributing factor to their shortcomings.

Prices Review

To facilitate this Paper Now review, I opted to place an order. I began by perusing their pricing details, which turned out to be quite competitive. At a starting rate of $14 per page, it is notably more affordable than most contemporary options. While not the cheapest, my experience has taught me that the overly inexpensive ones are often best avoided. This $14 rate pertains to the lowest academic level (high school) and the longest timeline (20 days). However, it’s somewhat unlikely for high school students to place orders so far in advance, given that most assignments aren’t allocated more than a week before the due date. Hence, I don’t consider this to be the actual lowest rate. As you move up the academic ladder and shorten the deadlines, the pricing remains commendably reasonable. For instance, the same essay costs $16.23 per page if ordered a week prior to the due date. Opting for a Master’s level paper within a 10-day timeframe yielded a quote of $24.90. This calculation was made without accounting for discounts. They do offer one discount, accessible after sharing your email address, which entitles you to a 15% reduction on your initial order. Though this is a kind gesture, I find it regrettable that loyal patrons don’t have access to similar benefits. It conveys a message that PaperNow values new clientele over regular patrons.

Content Quality

Given the discounted rates, I initially believed I had stumbled upon a fortunate find. However, my optimism crumbled when I attempted to download the completed paper from their system. At that moment, I realized my decision to order from here was a colossal error.’s unfavorable reputation had its basis, and the lack of skilled writers became apparent in the substandard work they delivered. This, I suspect, is why Paper Now doesn’t foster customer loyalty or possess a robust discount program. The essay I received may have come at a reasonable cost, but its quality fell far short of what was paid for. The writing was marred by poor English, abundant errors, and a style better suited for a high school student than a Master’s candidate. The sole redeeming factor was meeting the deadline and a relatively low 10% plagiarism rate. It was an abysmal piece, albeit minimally original.

Customer Support Agents

My interactions with the support agents mirrored my experience with the writers – highly unsatisfactory. While I didn’t converse directly with a writer, the assigned work was subpar. Similarly, my interaction with an agent was marked by significant delays and an unprofessional demeanor. The agent’s response time was egregiously protracted, even for basic inquiries about discounts. He suggested that regular customers could inquire about discounts, with the details to be communicated later. However, when pressed for specifics, he cited an inability to elaborate at the time.

Final Thoughts

My encounter with proved to be an overwhelmingly negative experience. The company failed to acknowledge the inferior work produced by their writers, and their support was unreliable. Absence of a loyalty program further weakened their appeal. Despite commendable pricing and an expansive service list, there was nothing substantial enough to warrant parting with my money. Because of this, I believe that Paper Now is not the right service to work with, and despite their wide service list, suggest you do not spend money on ordering papers here.


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