Review appears to be a captivating writing service. I found the website quite appealing upon my initial encounter. The mascot, a charming little cosmonaut within a spaceship, caught my attention. Although the connection between this mascot and academic writing eludes me, I found it intriguing. However, as I delved deeper into the site’s contents, its coherence seemed to diminish. Eager to gauge their ability to tackle pressing challenges, I proceeded to place an order for an essay. Unfortunately, Paper Help’s performance left much to be desired. In this review, I will delve into the specifics of this experience.

Services Review

The primary category featured on this site is Essay Services, accompanied by a drop-down menu that is, to put it bluntly, absurd. To provide a glimpse of the “services” listed under Essay Services: essay writing services, buy an essay, pay for an essay, write my paper for cheap, do my paper, essays for sale… the list continues. It becomes evident that keyword stuffing is the primary intent of the website.

Another category, labeled Other Services, is present with another drop-down menu that furnishes a list including paper writing service, research papers help, personal statement help, write my research paper, write papers for money, do my homework, and custom paper writing.

Now, the question emerges: What exactly does PaperHelp offer? To ascertain this, one must access the order form. A variety of project types are available, yet the capability of this team to handle research papers, dissertations, and even basic essays raises doubts.

Prices Review

The pricing here is remarkably affordable, but this doesn’t necessarily bode well. Let me elaborate: a professional writer is unlikely to accept $10 per page as payment. Anyone with a graduate degree looking to monetize their skills would not settle for such a meager sum. While it’s possible to find a service that’s both good and affordable, the starting price on this site raises suspicions. My personal experience has taught me to be wary of excessively low prices.

For original writing, Paper Help charges a minimum of $10, but this rate is applicable to a 20-day deadline and a High School academic level. If you seek PhD quality with a 3-hour deadline, the cost climbs to $56 per page, which appears reasonable.

However, admission assistance comes with exorbitant prices. We’re talking about $197 per page. This is truly astounding. An admission essay is essentially a personal statement—a simple form of writing. Charging such high amounts for it preys on students’ desperation to perfect their college applications. I strongly advise against engaging services that demand hefty sums for admission essays, as it’s a deceptive practice.

And just when I thought the site couldn’t get more bewildering, it did. The discount program is far from reasonable. A 5% discount is offered for orders exceeding $500, and a 10% discount for those above $1000. Seriously? I hope no one spends $1K on content here, as the quality is subpar, which brings me to my next point.

Content Quality

I placed an order for an essay with a tight deadline: 6 hours. The price per page at the University level was $44, though a discount code slightly reduced the final cost.

I opted for a literary topic, allowing the writer to explore the life of a renowned author. The outcome resembled a Wikipedia page—more precisely, it was a paraphrased version of Wikipedia content. Every single sentence was lifted from there. Not a trace of creativity was evident in the paper, despite my request for original writing.

Customer Support Agents

Upon expressing my dissatisfaction with the lack of originality, the agents claimed the paper had passed their plagiarism detection tool. Let’s be clear: the absence of detected plagiarism does not equate to content uniqueness. I presented clear screenshots showing the paraphrased content, but the agents remained unresponsive. A refund was not issued, resulting in a substantial loss of money.

Final Thoughts

To summarize my PaperHelp review, I unequivocally do not recommend this service. The website lacks transparency regarding services and writer qualifications. While prices are attractively low for high school levels, they are unreasonably high for admission essays. The quality falls short of meeting the needs of college and university students.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering papers at as they are failed to deliver the quality and non-plagiarized essay.


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