Numerous writing services tend to display fabricated ratings on their websites, yet the ratings featured on the website undeniably reflect genuine evaluations. This service has consistently maintained an exceptionally strong reputation among students spanning various age groups and academic tiers, a distinction it has sustained since its inception. My primary objective, however, revolves around confirming the authenticity and reliability of the online reviews. Consequently, I embarked on a thorough investigation by scrutinizing the website, engaging with customer service, and personally procuring services from Ninja Essays.

You will find the results of our research in this review.

Services Review

The spectrum of services offered here is truly remarkable. In a landscape where only a handful of companies present a comprehensive selection, this company stands out by providing an extensive array of offerings. This advantage ensures the possibility of consistently relying on the same service. This contrasts with scenarios where students might require alternate providers throughout their educational journey. Fortunately, this is not a concern here.

The range isn’t merely satisfactory; it’s exemplary. Surprisingly, I discovered assignments within their services that hadn’t even crossed my mind, yet they are seamlessly integrated into their offerings. With a team of 400 writers, such diversity is feasible. However, it remains to be ascertained how effectively their writers manage such an extensive repertoire and how well they execute each task.

Review of Prices

Pricing may pose a challenge for those with tight budgets, yet the incorporation of discounts mitigates this concern. Many students lack the capacity to pay $19.99 for a single page of content, which is the optimal rate for those placing advance orders.

However, discounts significantly improve the price structure. Particularly noteworthy is the 15% discount extended to first-time customers, effectively rendering the original price within reach of most students. Moreover, Ninja Essays values returning patrons, evident in the discounts they offer based on cumulative order volume.

From external reviews, I gathered that substantial orders might even qualify for a bulk discount.

The loyalty discount scheme is perennial, triggered after a customer accumulates 15 pages in total, regardless of the number of orders. This entitles them to a 5% discount up to 50 pages. The 51st page triggers a 10% discount, while 101+ pages warrant a 15% discount on all future orders.

Quality of Content

Encouraged by the merits of the discount program, I decided to invest in the service, deeming the price justifiable considering the service’s reputable standing. Consequently, I ordered a research paper, allowing a week for its completion.

The writer not only met my deadline without issue but also displayed an unobtrusive approach throughout the writing process. Despite my intricate and stringent requirements, appeared fully equipped to handle them. The research paper was impeccably composed, with meticulous citation of sources and adherence to every demand. This substantiated the company’s reputation for content quality, providing a reassuring outcome for me.

Assistance from Customer Support Agents

Having no qualms about the paper itself, I approached Ninja Essays’ agents to clarify certain aspects of the discount program that I found unclear. While the website presented information impeccably, this interaction served as an opportunity to gauge the responsiveness and helpfulness of the assistance provided.

Regrettably, this experience wasn’t entirely positive. The agents on the live chat exhibited reluctance in addressing my inquiries. This could potentially be attributed to an overburdened support department. The response didn’t provide exhaustive information about the discount program, although it was conveyed that occasionally introduces special offers for customers.

Final Thoughts

What initially appeared as a high-priced service transformed into an exciting discovery and encouraging news for those seeking a reliable writing service.

Because of all this, I can recommend NinjaEssays as a reliable company with a wide range of writing services.


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