Upon my initial encounter with the website, I harbored skepticism towards this writing service. The professional design I sought was conspicuously absent. Instead, the website appeared simplistic, lacking distinctive features, and abounding in interlinked content. It gave the impression of being crafted primarily for SEO optimization. Although the initial pricing caught my attention with its allure, I soon discovered concealed expenses when attempting to place an order. The essay I had commissioned from king essays was punctually delivered, yet its quality was subpar. It exhibited an abundance of unnecessary details and disorderliness. With these observations in mind, I present a comprehensive account of my experience with this team in my review.

KingEssays Services Overview

When embarking on an online search for assistance, the goal is to find a comprehensive service that caters to various academic needs – essays, research papers, dissertations, case studies, and theses. Additionally, students often require presentations, speeches, admission writing services, and more. Upon evaluating the kingessay website, we discovered that they encompass a wide range of papers typically needed during one’s academic journey. However, it’s noteworthy that this company does not handle assignment writing services, a conspicuous absence considering assignments are often stumbling blocks for students. Such tasks encompass questions, math problems, programming assignments, and similar challenges, which adept writing services can proficiently address. Their omission raises questions about their capabilities.

King Essays Prices Review

Numerous online king essay reviews claim it to be the most affordable online service, but the reality differs. Beyond hidden costs for revisions and support, their charges are 20-30% higher compared to other services. Prices are contingent upon the student’s level, paper type, and required pages, not accounting for supplementary add-ons. Starting at $10 per page for a high-school essay with a 14-day deadline, it’s important to note that other services offer similar essays for the same academic level but with a 10-day deadline, also at $10 per page. It’s also important to mention their lack of expedited delivery – they do not provide delivery within a matter of hours. Thus, for those in need of urgent assistance, king essays may not be the optimal choice. They do offer a 5% discount if a coupon code from the website header is input during the order. However, there’s no apparent loyalty program or equivalent.

Content Quality

Despite the elevated prices, I opted to test their proficiency by assigning them a college-level task. The topic was police brutality in the United States and the Black Lives Matter movement, accompanied by specific requirements for analysis. With a three-day deadline, I provided thorough details to the writing team. The paper was delivered on time, but the quality was disappointing. The writer disregarded my instructions and the provided links. The essay lacked the specified analysis of recent cases and alternative examples, appearing more as a descriptive piece on the Black Lives Matter movement. Upon requesting a revision, the outcome remained unsatisfactory and failed to address my concerns.

Customer Support Agents

Numerous king essays reviews laud their responsive support team. In my interactions with them, I utilized various means of communication, yielding mixed results. While placing my order, support agents proved courteous and helpful. They answered queries, guided me through the registration and payment processes, and furnished me with relevant links. Throughout the order’s processing, they kept me informed about its status and assured me of its timely completion. Their demeanor was pleasant and left a positive impression. However, my experience soured after receiving the subpar paper. While suggesting revisions, they were accommodating, but when I sought a refund due to dissatisfaction, they inexplicably began ignoring my queries. This sudden shift gave the impression of being blacklisted.

King Essays Review – Final Thoughts

Evaluating an academic writing service anticipates establishing a lasting relationship, yet King Essays fails to meet this expectation. While there are numerous superior options available, this team falls short. My encounter with them demonstrated their inability to deliver a well-written essay despite possessing all the necessary materials and requirements. With their elevated rates, one would rightfully expect higher quality. Because of this, I cannot recommend KingEssays.con as a reliable academic writing service, even with a broad range of services they offer. Stay away.


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