Upon exploring the website, what immediately caught my attention was the enticing discount opportunity. The 15% discount holds a strong appeal, rendering the website quite captivating for its visitors. Additionally, the inclusion of complimentary features serves as a significant incentive, effectively encouraging more visitors to engage and initiate action. As I embarked on this journey, a sense of optimism prevailed, guiding me towards a promising path. However, my initial optimism took a downward turn when I proceeded to place an order through Unfortunately, the positive outlook I had initially fostered was soon replaced by disappointment. The platform had made a plethora of assurances, yet these proved to be hollow as the final outcome was marred by subpar quality. Allow me to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entire process.

Services Review

Access the complete range of services offered on their website, encompassing diverse options including Academic Paper Writing, Admission Services, Resume/CV Services, Dissertation Services, Rewriting, Editing, Proofreading, MCQ, and Copywriting. Additionally, you’ll also discover provisions for addressing math, physics, economics, and statistics problems. Regrettably, I find it hard to recommend their services to anyone. The offerings are marked by poor quality and exorbitant pricing.

Review of Prices

The GrabMyEssay website features a price calculator prominently displayed on its main page, facilitating the calculation of total expenses for each paper. Here, you can specify the type of service, paper format, number of pages or words, academic level, and urgency of the work. By taking these factors into account, the platform provides a rough estimation of the associated costs. However, this estimate proved to be entirely misleading in my case. The final charges exceeded expectations substantially. The prices charged are undeniably steep. While you might manage to secure an ostensibly reasonable rate, it often translates to substandard content. I was willing to invest more for genuinely professional service, but what I received was far from it – unprofessional and subpar.

Quality of Content

As previously mentioned, GrabMyEssay falls significantly short on professionalism, resulting in an extremely disappointing experience. The content quality is no exception and stands at an unsatisfactory level. My order was for an academic paper that demanded comprehensive descriptions, well-structured content, impeccable grammar, precise vocabulary usage, 100% originality, and an overall high-quality term paper. Regrettably, the outcome deviated drastically from my expectations. Despite the considerable fee paid, the work delivered was of inferior quality. If one of my students presented me with such work, I would hesitate to award even a passing grade. The disappointment was all-encompassing.

Assistance from Customer Service Agents

Initially, I posed several inquiries to gauge the effectiveness of their customer service for both visitors and customers. Their responses provided enticing insights that tempted me to proceed with an order. However, when I confronted them about the low-quality paper I received and sought resolution, their responsiveness waned. The attempts of to address my concerns proved futile. Moreover, they appeared to disregard the commitment to offer round-the-clock service, as I had to endure a five-hour wait for an email response. Ultimately, the message I received was that there were no applicable discounts, and due to my package selection, revisions were not available.

Concluding Remarks

I unequivocally have no intention of engaging their services again. My dissatisfaction stems not solely from the costly nature of the paper, but primarily from their provision of subpar content at exorbitant rates. Personally, I would advise against further collaboration with Instead, I would opt for traditional writing services that adhere to higher standards. Because of this, I would recommend you to stay away from GrabMyEssay. If you’re looking to find someone professional to help you write a quality paper, this is surely not a company that does.


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