Review had been on my radar for quite some time, patiently awaiting its turn for a comprehensive review. The notion of a bidding service, which empowers you to handpick your writer, has always piqued my curiosity. The concept is enticing on paper, but in practice, I’ve yet to encounter many bidding services that truly impress. Regrettably, EssayWriter failed to leave a positive impression. The writer I engaged exhibited a remarkable level of rudeness, and their communication even bordered on offensive. Regrettably, the quality of their work was far from satisfactory. What compounded the issue was the writer’s unwavering arrogance in refusing to acknowledge the need for revisions. However, let’s commence this review from the beginning. I’ll delve into topics such as the offered services, pricing structure, and all the pertinent details to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the company.

Services Review

Bidding services come with a distinct advantage; they can accommodate an extensive array of tasks. These services cater not only to students, but also to job seekers and business proprietors. Think of it as a freelancing marketplace, where you handpick the perfect writer for your specific project. Be it an essay, dissertation, resume, cover letter, business plan, blog post, or any other endeavor, you articulate your requirements and qualified individuals apply to fulfill them. However, a critical issue arises: most bidding platforms lack a sufficient pool of writers to cover the full spectrum of projects they allow customers to request. On, they claim to have a team of 1471 writers. Frankly, I find that hard to believe. You’ll find a single writer taking on tasks from social and political sciences, psychology, philosophy, law, health sciences and nursing, history, English and literature, education, business, and management. Let’s be realistic here: even the polymath Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t an expert in such an extensive range of subjects. An immediate observation of the site leads to an unmistakable conclusion: EssayWriter lacks true experts within its ranks.

Prices Review

As a bidding service, EssayWriter does not operate on a standardized pricing model. The writers themselves submit bids based on factors such as project complexity, length, and deadline. Based on my experience, the pricing was relatively comparable to that of the top-tier writing services. Bids for a simple essay with a 7-day deadline averaged above $25 per page. Discounts are not a feature here, so customers often end up paying more than they initially anticipated.

Content Quality

For the sake of this review, I requisitioned an essay within the domain of social sciences. I specified a 2-page essay due in 7 days and opted for a writer offering their services at $27 per page. This particular writer’s profile seemed promising, as they had undertaken several projects within this subject area, or so their profile indicated. I attempted to engage with the writer during the process—a privilege the company promotes as essential for open communication. Regrettably, the writer exhibited a shocking lack of professionalism, curtly instructing me not to contact them prior to the deadline. Consequently, I refrained from further communication. The writer did deliver the paper punctually, but the quality was abysmal. Abysmal scarcely does justice to the level of work I received. The content was devoid of any recognizable structure. In fact, I had to provide the writer with an explanation of what an essay entails. It appeared as an assortment of incoherent sentences, haphazardly repurposed from various blog posts. There was no discernible thesis statement, no cogent arguments, and certainly no substantiation of those arguments. In short, it was a disaster.

Customer Support Agents

Customer support is conspicuously absent from this platform. Instead, you are reliant on interaction with your designated writer. In my situation, this proved to be an exercise in futility. The writer not only failed to address my grievances, but also remained unresponsive to my complaints. I conveyed my negative feedback, yet predictably, it was neither acknowledged on the site nor did it influence the writer’s reputation. Numerous reviews recount similar ordeals encountered by fellow students.

Final Thoughts

One particular aspect of this website greatly perturbed me: its pervasive falseness. Browse the pricing section and you’ll encounter images of the site’s top writers as you scroll. Perform a right-click on any of these images and select “Search Google for this image.” You’ll swiftly realize that some of these images have been “borrowed.” The profiles even feature links to the writers’ supposed Facebook accounts. Follow these links, and you’ll discover that all these profiles are counterfeit. I’m not one to be easily duped. Nevertheless, I went ahead and ordered a paper to provide a comprehensive assessment for my readers. Allow me to share my candid advice: opt for a superior alternative! Because of this, I don’t suggest anyone get services from, because they are expensive and it doesn’t offer the quality you expect.


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