When I embarked on the task of reviewing Essay Typer, I found myself grappling with the ambiguity of their offered services. Was it a writing service? A paid software program? How exactly did it assist its users? If you, like me, shared similar uncertainties and believed that EssayTyper involved individuals composing your papers, you were mistaken. EssayTyper doesn’t conform to the conventional writing service model. In fact, let’s correct that notion – it doesn’t qualify as a writing service in any capacity. Upon visiting the EssayTyper website, it becomes evident that this platform is powered by AI, designed to provide support as you engage in your paper writing endeavors. While the concept is intriguing, my exploration led me to the realization that it diverged significantly from my initial expectations. Nonetheless, I invite you to delve into my essay typer reviews to assess its compatibility with your requirements.

Services Review

Upon accessing the homepage, you’ll notice its near emptiness. The sole element present is a space where you input your essay’s topic, accompanied by a query at the bottom clarifying the site’s purpose. Initially, I interpreted this to mean that the website aids in essay writing by furnishing valuable sources and rectifying grammar errors. This aligns with the assumption when clicking on the question at the bottom. The guidance suggests treating this as a helpful resource rather than using it verbatim to evade plagiarism. It wasn’t until I entered the title and proceeded that the true nature became apparent. What unfolds is a blank page featuring solely the title, and not even the one you penned on the homepage. Upon typing, an automated text emerges irrespective of the keystrokes. Thus, you don’t receive any form of service; rather, it performs an automated search and retrieves the nearest match from Wikipedia. What you encounter is a prewritten essay, which, if duplicated, would result in complete plagiarism.

Prices Review

Essay Typer doesn’t entail a cost. This wasn’t surprising given the site’s limited functionality. It merely furnishes the found online essay for your perusal, sans any opportunity for modifications. Additionally, clicking the apparent empty word document atop the page yields no utility for composing an essay. By now, the reason behind the multitude of negative and perplexing essay typer reviews became apparent. Users lament the misleading ‘service’ of the platform, essentially mirroring what a basic Google search would yield.

Content Quality

Content quality hardly merits discussion. Consider this – a tool that uses your essay’s title to retrieve anything remotely connected. For instance, in pursuit of a psychology essay, I received a completely unrelated title containing the term ‘psychology.’ Conducting the same search in an online engine would yield identical outcomes. The essay was passable, yet I struggle to deem it beneficial. It’s akin to scouring the internet for essay samples similar to my topic for inspiration. doesn’t even facilitate writing your essay alongside the sample. While it may expedite the essay search process, I fail to see its worth amidst pressing deadlines.

Customer Support Agents

Personnel presence is lacking on this site. EssayTyper appears the creation of someone perhaps aiming to assist students, albeit with lackluster results. Unveiling the creators remains unfeasible, given the site’s minimalistic nature; void of an ‘about us’ page or any contact avenues. Consequently, if assessing their support agents, a resounding zero would be apropos.

Final Thoughts

A service that isn’t truly a service eludes an accurate assessment. This site essentially aids in sourcing existing Wikipedia content, and even that is executed inadequately. Misleading and frustrating, it doesn’t offer real-time assistance during essay composition. Instead, it produces automated prewritten essays from online sources, irrespective of your keystrokes. While it’s free, I’d opt for search engines to achieve the same, if not better, results. Google triumphs. Because of all this, I can’t recommend Essay Typer to those students who are looking for real paper writing help in a limited time. 

Essay Typer reviews