Upon encountering a handful of reviews on, I was prompted to delve into their service offerings and writing proficiency. A thorough analysis of their website led me to believe I had stumbled upon a suitable platform to address my academic paper needs. The presence of highly positive reviews on their site instilled a substantial degree of confidence in their capabilities. However, as events unfolded, it became apparent that my initial optimism was misplaced. It seems that the “testimonials” showcased on the website might not entirely reflect reality. In my quest for a fair assessment, I embarked on an investigation and soon discovered that EssayTigers faces a shortfall in terms of the quantity of writers available. Furthermore, the writers that comprise their team do not possess uniformly comprehensive experience. It is noteworthy that the website insists on boasting about their team’s extensive expertise and professionalism, asserting their capability to proficiently tackle any subject matter. However, the practicality of these claims came into question during my scrutiny.

Services Review

Upon visiting their main website, you will find a variety of service options, including “write my essay,” “buy essays,” academic writing, business writing, and homework help. Additionally, there are samples of their previous work available for viewing. An extensive array of services is undoubtedly beneficial for both students and professionals, provided that the quality matches the offerings. Primarily, I aimed to assess the tangible quality of their output before forming any premature judgments. However, my experience with took a disappointing turn when I received a 5-page essay that failed to meet any of my requirements. The paper exhibited poor quality, with unnecessary explanations, inadequately structured content, and several grammar mistakes.

Prices Review offers a price calculation feature, allowing you to determine the cost per page based on academic level and deadline. They presented an estimated price of $10 per page. Initially, this seemed favorable to me, envisioning a quality paper on a budget. However, reality contradicted my expectations. Instead of a valuable paper, I received one of inferior quality. Furthermore, if you seek discount options, they provide a few for higher-priced orders only. For instance, a 10% discount for orders exceeding $1000 and a 5% reduction for orders surpassing $500. There is no loyalty program or other features to assist in saving money.

Content Quality

Essay Tigers includes unnecessary statements on their website that hint at potentially low content quality. Unfortunately, these indications are accurate. The lack of writer expertise and experience translates into subpar papers laden with errors, such as poor writing style, weak vocabulary, grammar mistakes, disjointed paragraphs, and irrelevant quotes.

Customer Service Agents

Their website provides a toll-free number for assistance, along with options for online chat, email, and address inquiries. Regrettably, these avenues prove ineffective as response times are protracted. My interaction with their customer support left me dissatisfied, as it failed to live up to expectations of promptness and care.

Final Thoughts

All in all, my experience was profoundly unsatisfactory. Every facet of their service faced issues.’s team lacks experienced writers, and they fell short of delivering on their promises. My encounter with them proved disheartening. As a result, I strongly discourage anyone from seeking services from EssayTigers. Their offerings do not align with the charges they impose.


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