I couldn’t find a substantial number of reviews or information about the service known as during my investigation. The available feedback is from a little over two years ago, indicating that this particular company might not have a lengthy track record in the student paper market. Although the duration of operation often provides insights into a service’s reliability, it’s important not to hastily judge EssaysWriting solely on this factor. The appearance of their website is rather encouraging, prompting me to conduct a more detailed evaluation. In fact, I even decided to go ahead and personally place an order for a paper composed by their writers.

Services Review

This isn’t merely an academic service; it also extends to handling resumes and job applications. The service offerings, accessible solely through the homepage calculator, encompass a diverse range of papers frequently ordered by students, along with resumes and job application packages. Considering the service’s relatively brief tenure and limited experience, the extent of this offerings list is quite unexpected. To maintain such a wide array of paper types, would need to employ a substantial number of highly skilled writers. This became my subsequent objective – to ascertain the readiness and competence of their writers in managing such a diverse range of services.

Review of Pricing

Before delving into the writers’ performance, let’s discuss the pricing. EssaysWriting boasts prices that are bound to excite and persuade any student to make a purchase, and I don’t just make this claim due to the numerous discount options available. The service is budget-friendly, so much so that it raises concerns about the quality they promise to deliver. The pricing starts at under $10 and remains relatively uniform. Essentially, they categorize prices based on academic levels and a couple of deadline choices, with all papers falling within these categories priced the same. Fortunately, the range of deadline options is accommodating, even featuring a 3-hour deadline. Interestingly, they don’t differentiate between orders for Master’s and PhD students. Both academic levels fall under the ‘professional’ category. For resume services, pricing details can be found in the calculator. While $9.97 stands as the only rate under $10 in the official list, this rate can still apply to shorter deadlines and occasionally, higher academic levels. offers remarkably short deadlines, and much to my surprise, they provide a 10% discount for new customers, as well as discounts based on the number of pages ordered. For instance, ordering a paper grants a bonus that can be applied to future orders. Furthermore, there’s a mention of a 5% discount for 40 pages, 10% for 60 pages, and 15% for 100 pages.

Quality of Content

As I suspected, given the rates and generous discounts, the company employs pricing strategies to entice customers, but the actual quality of content tells a different story. I submitted an essay order a day before the deadline. The price was enticing, much lower than what I’ve spent on most companies I’ve reviewed. However, the quality left much to be desired. Receiving an essay of such subpar quality leads to the assumption that the service hasn’t recruited a sufficient number of writers to handle the extensive list of services they offer. Even among the employed writers, the quality is lacking, particularly evident in the numerous errors resulting from poor English skills. The service offers free revisions within a two-week window after delivery. Regrettably, I received the revised version eight days later, providing limited opportunity for substantial revision.

Customer Support Agents

Due to my unsatisfactory experience with EssaysWriting, I engaged with their customer support agents on multiple occasions. Initially, they provided satisfactory assistance when addressing basic inquiries, guiding me through the uncomplicated order placement process. However, when I reached out regarding the paper quality, our conversation extended over twenty minutes as we delved into the details of my revision requests. I essentially needed to point out each error and flaw made by the writer, instructing them on the necessary corrections. I practically performed the entire revision process in collaboration with the agent, pinpointing the writer’s original mistakes. Despite these efforts, the writer failed to rectify the initial inaccuracies. This only confirmed my apprehension – the writers lack fluency in English.

Concluding Remarks

While the support service is prompt and thorough, the quality of the writers’ work matches the low pricing. Despite the enticing discounts that might lure anyone into placing an order, this isn’t a dependable company I would recommend. Because of this, isn’t a choice I’d make again in terms of academic help.


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