I held significant expectations for this service. The website’s aesthetics are appealing, and the prospect of selecting your preferred writer is certainly alluring. Yet, as I delved into, my appreciation dwindled. The pricing structure remains elusive due to its nature as a bidding platform. These freelance writers lack comprehensive qualifications pertinent to the subjects they handle. Perturbingly, their profiles lack educational information, leaving degree authenticity uncertain. Collectively, my encounter with EssayShark left me disillusioned. Further insights await in my comprehensive review.

Services Review

Upon placing an order, you’re granted the option to select the paper type. The range of services offered is fairly extensive. It encompasses essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, case studies, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, presentations or speeches, critical thinking assignments, and more. Furthermore, a “Other” option exists within the dropdown menu, effectively enabling the ordering of virtually anything. Since it operates on a bidding system, you simply submit your order and await potential offers from writers willing to undertake the task.

Prices Review

I anticipated to be more cost-effective compared to traditional writing services. Given the competition among writers, I presumed competitive prices would prevail. Alas, that’s not the reality. For an essay with a 10-day deadline, the lowest bid I received was $20. Surprisingly, this exceeds the rates of conventional writing services, without any accompanying discounts! Why is this concerning? While I wouldn’t mind paying more for true professionalism, the issue with EssayShark is the time wasted. One must wait for bids and assess bidders’ order history before selecting a writer. This consumed an entire day for me. Had this been an urgent 2-day order, the problem would magnify. Furthermore, these writers aren’t specialists; they’re essentially rewriters. Considering this, the prices they set are rather steep.

Content Quality

I received a straightforward 5-paragraph essay. The structure was sound, maintaining coherence between paragraphs. A clear thesis statement and compelling arguments were evident. At first glance, it seemed satisfactory. However, the discussion lacked originality; the essay lacked character. It essentially resembled a rewritten Wikipedia page, even citing Wikipedia as a source in the reference list. I don’t believe such an essay justifies my expenditure.

Customer Service Agents

This website doesn’t provide 24/7 customer service. A chat feature in the customer profile facilitates direct communication with the writer. Regrettably, my assigned writer was largely unresponsive. Despite posing specific questions about progress and including additional instructions, their replies consistently amounted to “ok” or “sure”. It gave the impression of a language barrier or lack of comprehension.

Final Thoughts

The paper itself wasn’t terribly subpar; I’d rate it a 6 out of 10. Yet, the other dimensions of the service were problematic. lacks proficient writers within its ranks. Consequently, bids tend to be disproportionately high, and no reliable discounts are at hand. I’d rather invest in a dependable traditional service that promptly assigns a competent writer to my project. The ordeal of selecting my own writer from EssayShark yielded limited options and ultimately an unsuitable choice. Because of this, I’d recommend you to stay away from EssayShark as the quality of their services is not worth what they charge.


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