Upon encountering the website, my initial impression was that of a highly professional company offering exceptional writing services. It’s important to note that I had no prior knowledge of this website before stumbling upon it and deciding to craft a review. The website’s design aligns seamlessly with contemporary standards, boasting easy navigation and swift access to essential information through just a few clicks. However, my initial enthusiasm underwent a swift transformation when I proceeded to order an essay to assess the quality of their writing firsthand. In my ongoing commitment to aid students in locating the finest academic writing services available online, I have fashioned this comprehensive review of to cast a more illuminating perspective on this particular company.

Services Review

Upon visiting their website, my initial focus was on the array of services they provide. Similar to many contemporary academic writing services, this company presents a wide range of options for its clientele. Whether one requires assistance with an essay, research paper, dissertation, presentation, case study, or virtually any other form of scholastic assignment, placing an order is a straightforward process. A noteworthy feature I discovered is their rewriting service, designed to aid students who possess a draft of their paper but seek a comprehensive transformation and enhancement. Additionally, they offer an editing service catering to those who have independently composed a nearly finished paper but lack the time or energy for thorough editing. Irrespective of the nature of the assignment, customers retain the liberty to select their desired academic level for the work. The website encompasses academic tiers ranging from school and college to university, master’s, and doctorate levels.

Prices Review

My suspicions were aroused regarding the writing quality at when I perused their pricing structure. For instance, if one required a college-level essay with a 6-hour deadline, the cost would be a mere $18.53 per page. This pricing discrepancy is considerably lower compared to the rates of nearly all other writing services. I also found it intriguing that they offer a 2-month deadline option for essay writing. While seldom utilized by students, its inclusion raises questions. Furthermore, it’s puzzling that there’s no price distinction between a 2-week and 2-month essay deadline, despite the obvious implications for pricing based on the timeframe selected. These pricing anomalies prompted me to conduct a personal quality assessment by ordering an essay. The paper I received, however, aligned with my apprehensions. It exhibited indications of being crafted by a non-native English speaker and contained numerous errors.

Customer Support Agents

Upon receipt of the ordered essay and subsequent dissatisfaction, I embarked on a quest to gauge the collective sentiment surrounding this website. As anticipated, I swiftly encountered a plethora of negative reviews. A common thread within these testimonials revolved around the unsatisfactory experiences students had with the platform’s customer support agents. Further exploration led me to the discovery of a purported money-back guarantee for their essay writing services, stipulating the possibility of obtaining a full refund in cases of subpar papers. Following the instructions provided on the website, I reached out to their customer support team for clarification. Curiously, after three days of silence and despite their claim of 24/7 online support, I finally received an email response. Regrettably, my refund request was denied without any accompanying explanation, and all subsequent attempts to communicate yielded no results. Review – Final Thoughts

Though my encounter with this academic writing service left much to be desired, I must acknowledge the striking appeal of their website’s design. However, the majority of my experience with this platform proved far from favorable. Despite projecting an image of professionalism and dependability, their utilization of non-native English-speaking writers is evident. The suspiciously low prices may serve as bait, enticing unsuspecting customers. However, those familiar with essay writing services understand that industry standards surpass the rates offered by this company. The most glaring flaw, undoubtedly, lies in their unresponsive and ineffectual customer support—a drawback that severely tarnishes the overall experience. Because of this, I believe that EssayService is not a reliable service to work with and encourage you don’t spend your money on ordering papers here.


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