The pricing structure offered by EssayPro appears notably affordable. An essay can be acquired within a span of 5 days for a starting rate of $11 per page. However, a certain caveat is in place—this price point represents the bare minimum. In actuality, EssayPro functions as a bidding system. It is highly improbable for any proficient writer to place bids at such minimal rates. Curiously, upon my personal engagement with this service, I became inclined to believe that a scarcity of capable writers might be the prevailing issue. Despite this, bids from writers tend to lean towards the higher end of the spectrum. When perusing EssayPro reviews across various online platforms, a mixed collection of opinions becomes evident. Given the diversity in customer requirements, impressions tend to fluctuate. For high school-level projects, the service may offer a reasonable choice. However, for endeavors necessitating enhanced quality, EssayPro could potentially culminate in a comprehensive disappointment. Now, onto the specifics. My experience involved placing an order on their platform, and I shall recount the proceedings for your insight.

Services Review

This scenario holds true for all bidding-based writing services; they typically offer an extensive array of services. Given that writers possess the freedom to bid on any order that catches their interest, the service itself doesn’t impose any restrictions on the scope of your potential orders. Should you desire an extensive dissertation with a challenging twelve-hour deadline, you are welcome to place such an order. However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your project will receive bids. It’s plausible that your project might not attract interest. Moreover, even if bids do materialize, they may originate from writers lacking pertinent expertise. Conducting a thorough evaluation of multiple writer profiles, I came across one writer, identified as Elite Writer, who is depicted as an “intelligent, smart, and dedicated professional essay writer.” Intriguingly, this writer has produced content spanning an eclectic range of topics, encompassing liberal arts and humanities, medicine and health, business and finance, engineering, computer sciences, agriculture, physical sciences, architecture, and an assortment of other disparate niches. This diversity raises questions about the writer’s educational background and specialization. Pertaining to the ratings attributed to these writers, there exists a suspicion that they might be fabricated. Personally, I accorded my assigned writer a one-star rating, yet this had no discernible impact on how their “performance” was showcased on the platform.

Review of Pricing

The base price for an essay with a two-week deadline is set at $11 per page. Adjusting the quality level does not impact the price; only the deadline affects the minimum cost. For a more pressing deadline of 6 hours, the rate increases to $17 per page. In my case, I placed an order for an essay due in two days. While the base price for this category is $13, the actual bids I received were higher. The lowest offer I received was $25 per page. This still falls within a reasonable range, yet I wish to highlight that initial expectations may not align with the eventual bid amounts. Unfortunately, there are no available discounts on this platform. To achieve a lower cost, you can select a writer whose bid aligns with your budget. However, substantial quality enhancements should not be anticipated.

Quality of Content

Opting for a writer with a $37 per page bid, I aimed for a higher-tier service, assuming their experience justified the price. Regrettably, does not furnish pertinent details about its writers. The selected writer’s “About Me” section was extensive, yet it primarily focused on self-promotion rather than showcasing qualifications. On a positive note, the order was delivered punctually, adhering to the two-day deadline. However, this proved to be the sole achievement. In terms of content quality, the outcome was deeply disappointing. Despite specifying a Master’s level essay in the Humanities field, the delivered work fell short of expectations. The content lacked coherence and a clear thesis statement. Paragraph structure was uneven, with excessive paragraphs that resembled a Reddit post rather than a scholarly essay. To put it succinctly, the content resembled a hasty, unresearched Reddit post by an individual new to the subject matter, attempting to sound knowledgeable.

Assistance from Customer Support Agents

In theory, the assigned writer should offer the required support. Similar to other bidding platforms, Essay Pro permits communication with your chosen writer. However, I encountered a delay in response times. It seems likely that my writer resided in a different time zone, as I received responses at odd hours, ultimately hindering efficient communication. When I complained about the quality, the writer stopped responding to my messages.

Essay Pro reviews –Final Thoughts was a very disappointing experience for me. The writer was not qualified to complete my paper. Yet, he placed a high bid and convinced me that he would complete great content. Because of this, I’d recommend you to stay away from EssayPro as they hire writers who don’t know what an essay is.


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