EssayHave boasts a pool of 500 writers, covering a spectrum of over 80 subjects in their offerings. The company’s versatility is indeed a promising aspect. It’s not surprising that numerous students find themselves drawn to its offerings. This is a longstanding service that has weathered the passage of time. Per information on their website, Essay Have was established in 2008. However, it hasn’t managed to garner a reputation as stellar as some of its more established counterparts. Curiously, many students remain unaware of, presuming it to be a recent addition to the scene. Opinions on Essay Have are divergent across the web. While some students are recurrent customers, others recount disappointing encounters with the writers. Eager to ascertain the quality of the company’s output, I embarked on a personal exploration. Keep reading, as my Essay Have assessment offers insights gleaned from hands-on experience.

Services Review

The array of services provided by is quite impressive. This company boasts extensive experience in the field, allowing its team to adeptly meet students’ needs. The range of services encompasses essays, dissertation chapters, term papers, capstone projects, presentations, and various other types of content. Notably, offers some services that are not commonly found on other platforms, including poems, journal articles, personal reflections, and outlines. If you require any of these services, you might struggle to find them elsewhere. However, it’s essential to exercise caution. Offering a wide range of services doesn’t necessarily translate to exceptional quality. Unfortunately, falls short in delivering satisfactory quality relative to its pricing.

Pricing Review

The pricing structure starts with a relatively low entry point of $15 per page for High School quality with a 14-day deadline. As one delves deeper into the pricing tiers, it becomes evident that isn’t the most budget-friendly option available. In fact, a price of $63 per page for a 4-hour deadline appears rather steep. The quality of the content will need to be exceptionally high to justify this price point. An interesting feature is that, for dissertations, the system restricts the selection of High School or Undergraduate levels. Additionally, if you require additional pages, the shortest available deadline won’t be an option. The discount program offered is unique. Rather than a fixed percentage reduction, new customers receive one free page on their initial order. However, this discount only applies when ordering multiple pages. For instance, I ordered a three-page essay but didn’t receive any free pages. Consequently, this benefit doesn’t apply to shorter papers. Moreover, there are no discounts available for returning customers, which is somewhat perplexing. Despite’s lengthy presence in the industry, there’s seemingly little effort to cultivate a loyal customer base. Surprisingly, this service stands out as one of the pricier options in the industry. My assessment aligns with the sentiments expressed in various Essay Have reviews from other customers.

Content Quality

In my quest to provide a comprehensive EssayHave review, I engaged the service by ordering an essay. The subpar quality of the delivered content took me by surprise. Given the company’s claim to have a team of experienced writers across over 50 disciplines, I expected a higher standard. I chose a relatively straightforward topic for my essay: political science. This subject is explicitly listed among the team’s areas of expertise on the website. I requested an essay focused on exploring the political factors driving a current conflict in Africa. While I left room for the writer to narrow down the topic, I was unequivocal about the expectation that the essay would delve into the political reasons behind one specific conflict. Unfortunately, the essay I received provided a generalized overview of the political factors behind armed conflicts in general. It was evident that the writer had heavily relied on and paraphrased content from a source titled Causes of Armed Conflict. This source presented a broad classification of general causes, which the writer incorporated with minimal modification. The delivered content fell far short of justifying its steep price tag exceeding $100.

Customer Support Experience

The live chat feature is serviceable but lacks speed. Users are required to complete a brief form before gaining access to the chat. Despite this initial delay, the agents promptly responded to my inquiries. Regrettably, their responsiveness did not extend to addressing my request for a revision. I submitted a detailed message outlining the issues with the essay. The resulting revision only made superficial changes, such as referencing a specific conflict. The bulk of the content remained unchanged and irrelevant to the assigned topic.

Essay Have Reviews – Concluding Remarks’s elevated pricing does not align with the quality of content provided. The assurances presented on the website may create a sense of trust, given the company’s long history in the industry. However, a comparative analysis reveals that falls short when measured against other well-established players in the field.

Because of this, I believe that this is not the right company to work with, and suggest you do not order your essays at EssayHave.


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