Due to the limited information present on the website, it’s not uncommon for individuals to be deterred from exploring even before delving into the specifics. Crafting this EssayEdge review proved quite intricate as essential details crucial for customer decision-making remain inaccessible until direct communication is established with their agents.

Services Review

Navigating through Essay Edge’s content leaves much room for confusion regarding their range of services. However, I’ll attempt to provide some clarity. To begin, you must explore the categories on the homepage: MBA, graduate, college, medical, law, and academic writing. Opt for the academic level or select the “academic writing” option to access further details, including pricing.

To my astonishment, I discovered that this isn’t actually a writing company. Instead, it exclusively offers editing and proofreading services for pre-written papers, and at a rather high cost, I must add.

Prices Review

Initially, I struggled to find any visible pricing information, but they are tucked away. As mentioned, you need to visit specific academic level pages or select the “academic writing” option to unveil the pricing list. In all cases, there are three pricing tiers: proofreading, standard, and premier.

These tiers are presented as packages, although the first one only encompasses proofreading for a paper in need of a “quick polish.” The deadline for all packages is 48 hours, unless you’re willing to pay an additional fee for a 24-hour delivery.

The prices at Essay Edge are remarkably steep, and judging by other customer EssayEdge reviews, I’m not alone in this sentiment. For instance, the price of $59 for proofreading a 300-word paper is so exorbitant that it’s plausible to have an entirely new paper written from scratch at a lower cost. It’s worth noting that you’re required to possess an existing paper to avail this “quick polish.” Regrettably, the prices continue to escalate. Opting for the standard package entails paying $119 for 300 words, encompassing proofreading, constructive critique, and “content and tone to aid in writing.”

The premier package offers are the most disappointing. The prices start at an outrageous $359 for 300 words, and it appears the company imposes numerous limitations on the features included. For instance, you’ll receive proofreading, one brainstorm session, two phone sessions with an editor, two rounds of critique, and 14 days of email support.

Content Quality

It’s important to clarify that there isn’t actual content offered, so this pertains more to “service quality” than content quality. As my policy is to rely solely on my own experiences and not others’ Essay Edge reviews, I decided to pay the steep fee to have a paper proofread—one that I purposely introduced errors into.

I opted for the standard package since the latter option’s cost was obviously beyond any reasonable budget. For expedited delivery within 24 hours, I was asked to add an extra $59 to the price, which already exceeded $200.

The result was an improved essay in terms of being entirely error-free and thoroughly proofread. However, apart from proofreading, no further polishing or editing was performed on the essay. If you, like me, thought this company provides comprehensive editing services at this rate, you would be mistaken.

Customer Support Agents

Given the absence of discounts and my overall dissatisfaction with the paper, I contacted agents for clarification. Disappointingly, they haven’t established a 24/7 service, and I had to wait for 9 hours to receive an email response. Ultimately, I was informed that there are no discounts available, and due to my choice of package, I wouldn’t receive any revisions.

EssayEdge Review – Final Thoughts

If you were seeking assistance in composing a paper, Essay Edge falls short in fulfilling that role. My assertion isn’t grounded in their provision of subpar papers, but rather in their lack of paper writing services altogether. The only offerings you’ll find here are editing and proofreading services bundled in packages, which, unfortunately, come with an exorbitant price tag.

Because of this, I cannot recommend you EssayEdge as the quality of their services is not worth what they charge.


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