Upon accessing the Essaybot website, it becomes apparent that the platform functions as an essay tool rather than an essay service. However, a claim that caught my attention and proved to be inaccurate was their assertion of being a free tool. This repetition of their free-of-charge status puzzled me, especially given the subsequent demand for payment. It’s disheartening to encounter this revelation only after utilizing the tool, as the download option remains locked behind a paywall. Before delving into the intricacies of the ordering process, it’s essential to outline what the company actually provides in this essay bot review.

Services Review

Labeling what this website offers as a “service” might be a stretch, but for the purpose of this review, let’s proceed with that classification. Essentially, EssayBot functions as an AI tool designed to assist you during your writing process. The tool touts the following features:
  • Access to an unlimited search database
  • Automatic writing suggestions
  • Selective plagiarism checker
  • MLA and APA citations
  • Basic grammar checker
  • Unlimited essay downloads
While reviewing the website, you may notice that I omitted the descriptor “top-notched” before grammar checker. This choice reflects the grammar checker’s unimpressive performance, which I’ll delve into further in the quality section.

Prices Review

While EssayBot offers tools for essay composition and suggestions, accessing downloads and additional features requires payment. This is particularly frustrating given the website’s claim of being free. In essence, this discrepancy amounts to a misleading practice. Regarding pricing, the cost is relatively low. For unlimited access, they offer rates of $2.95 per week, $9.95 per month, or $59.40 per year. However, I strongly advise against committing to long-term options without first examining the website’s functionality.

Content Quality

Content quality ultimately depends on the writer—you in this case. However, let’s discuss the quality of services offered by the website. The tool offers suggestions as you write, but given its AI nature, the suggestions can often be outlandish and impractical. The grammar checker is another feature. While it’s usable, I recommend not relying solely on it, as more advanced grammar checkers tend to yield better results. The citation generator is a decent feature, though it could benefit from some refining. Nonetheless, paying solely for this feature seems excessive, especially when you can find similar tools online for free. Then there’s the plagiarism checker and unlimited search database, with the latter being essentially Google search. It raises the question of why one would pay for this service when a search engine can perform the same function for free. The plagiarism checker is adequate but lacks advanced capabilities. After using more sophisticated software, it’s evident that this is not the optimal choice.

Customer Support Agents

While some semblance of support would be expected, the reality is quite different. Utilizing an AI tool implies that the “support” is machine-based. No human interaction is available for addressing concerns or complaints. Even when attempting to contact via the provided email address, no response was received. Notably, this platform is not a writing service as initially presumed. The fact that fabricated comments label it as such further underscores the importance of scrutinizing both the reputation and functionality of a website before making a decision.

Essay Bot Review – Final Thoughts defied my expectations. Rather than a comprehensive writing service, it functions as a bot aimed at aiding plagiarism detection, paper searches, error correction, and providing suggestions. However, the false claim of being free and the tool’s mediocre performance lead me to firmly discourage its usage. Because of this, I definitely do not recommend EssayBot, as the quality of service is not worth the time or money spent.


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