Upon delving into customer testimonials for, a noteworthy trend that stood out was the consistent mention of grievances related to undisclosed fees. Initially perplexing, considering the website provides a comprehensive pricing list, my curiosity was piqued when encountering a statement asserting that ‘The exact cost will be calculated after order confirmation’. This ambiguity further fueled our reservations. Could this imply that the service levies charges beyond their stated rates? My exploration of, encompassing an examination of their website, awaiting my paper, and evaluating the delivered content, led to a comprehensive understanding. If you peruse this review, you’re on the brink of acquiring substantial insights as well.

Services Review

The repertoire of papers available at Essay-Company is decent but not notably extensive. Embracing around a dozen types of services and the provision to order individual dissertation chapters, this might not be your go-to choice for regular paper orders. A glance at the calculator reveals that a major portion of the services constitutes dissertation chapters, while the remaining options encompass the commonly sought-after papers typical of online writing services.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply subpar service. Quite the opposite, some companies opt for a more constrained range to uphold the quality of offerings. It’s plausible that you’re observing such an approach here. Regrettably, the online reputation contradicts this narrative, but that discussion is reserved for this review.

Review of Prices

A rate of $11.30 per page of content is an appealing proposition, yet give the list a second glance! This rate applies to high school papers with a 2-week deadline. However, how often are high school papers allocated such a prolonged timeframe? The choice of deadline at this level is perplexingly unconventional, seemingly designed to create an impression of the company being remarkably budget-friendly.

Nonetheless, the prices remain reasonable once you discard the impractical ordering options, even if they no longer appear exceptionally low. For instance, a high school paper is more likely to be assigned within a 1-week deadline, in which case it would cost $15.95 per page. The corresponding rates are $17.95 for college, $19.95 for undergraduate, $25.95 for Master’s, and $26.95 for PhD levels.

Should you encounter the opportunity to apply a discount to these prices, it would be a prudent investment for securing quality papers. Unfortunately, Essay-Company offers solely a first-time discount of approximately 10%, automatically applied to your order. No other discounts are extended, not even to recurring customers.

Quality of Content

To verify the claims concerning pricing issues, I proceeded to place an order. After completing the form and entering credit card details, the final quote aligned closely with my initial expectation. However, I was presented with the option to select from various extra paid features before confirming the order. While other companies typically offer these features for free, Essay-Company necessitates additional payment to include certain features with your order. Nevertheless, hidden costs appear less concerning as you’re required to confirm payment prior to it being dispatched to the writer.

Alas, content quality raised greater concern, eclipsing the pricing issues. The writer managed to deliver my research paper four days ahead of the stipulated five-day timeframe, a commendable aspect. However, it was apparent that the writing had been rushed, resulting in a paper of notably subpar quality.

Assistance from Customer Support Agents

The agents I engaged with were highly professional and prompt in addressing my queries. Upon sharing my concerns about the paper quality, the response was limited to offering a revision. However, securing this proposition from the agent entailed a considerable waiting period.

Final Thoughts

The juxtaposition of subpar paper quality at alongside the absence of discounts casts an unfavorable light on the writing service. This is particularly disconcerting, especially for a service that bears a reputation for hidden costs and a peculiar pricing policy.

Because of this, I’d strongly recommend you to stay away from Essay-Company as the quality of their services is not worth what they charge.


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