EliteWritings.com Review

In spite of the multitude of assurances and the modern appearance of EliteWritings.com’s website, the reputation this company holds in the online realm falls far short of being commendable. Clients have expressed dissatisfaction with subpar content, a stark contrast to the website’s assertion of housing the ‘best custom writers’. While it’s plausible that rival entities could have fabricated negative feedback for this service, the volume of such grievances continues to cast suspicion. Consequently, I took it upon myself to scrutinize this service comprehensively and compile an in-depth review of elitewritings.com.

Services Review

Elite Writings boasts an extensive array of academic services, although a closer inspection reveals that a significant portion of this list comprises dissertation chapters. After excluding these chapters, the list becomes notably more limited, omitting several popular paper types.

Nevertheless, if your desired paper falls within the available list, you can proceed with your order without apprehension regarding the company’s ability to produce it. Elitewritings.com seems to have established a positive reputation for punctual delivery, but it fares poorly in terms of paper quality.

Prices Review

High school students can secure papers starting at a mere $11.99 per page. Admittedly, this rate appears notably budget-friendly, even arguably too low considering the quality standard pledged on the website. Prices rise based on factors such as impending deadlines, academic level, and page count. For instance, a paper due within 5 days would cost $18.99 per page for College level, $19.99 for University level, and $32.99 per page for PhD level.

The significant price disparity is hard to overlook. Evidently, elitewritings.com proves to be an economical option for lower academic tiers, yet becomes considerably pricier for advanced academic levels.

The rates may appear more appealing once you delve into the discount program details. The initial first-time discount is set at 15%, but as of the time of my review, a 25% discount was available. The loyalty program offers fixed lifelong discounts of 5%, 10%, or 15%.

Content Quality

Having established the potential value of investing in a paper, I decided to order a Master’s level essay. The price I paid seemed reasonable, but the delivered quality fell below expectations.

In fact, the writing style and peculiar errors in the paper indicated a non-native English author, and I detected instances of plagiarism as well. Plagiarism is a grave concern for a writing service and can warrant refund requests. Consequently, I reached out to the customer support agents to discern their response to plagiarism-related concerns.

Customer Support Agents

Initiating contact with customer support proved a challenge as my request was redirected to various agents for approximately 10 minutes. It seemed that a coherent approach to such cases was lacking.

Once I eventually connected with the ‘specialist for such cases’, the agent courteously yet resolutely offered a complimentary revision, leaving little room for negotiation. While I accepted the revision as no refund was provided, it merely addressed the plagiarism issue, disregarding the quality concerns I had pointed out.

My subsequent attempt to secure a refund from the agent went unanswered.

Final Thoughts

My experience with elitewritings.com has been unfavorable, largely due to subpar customer service and the absence of essential guarantees that should be inherent in any writing service. While the pricing structure is competitive, the paper quality falls short, preventing me from endorsing this company to others.

Because of this, I’d recommend you to stay away from EliteWritings due to the extremely low paper quality and solid prices.



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