Review has established its presence in the writing industry for a considerable duration, accumulating a plethora of feedback from contented and dissatisfied clientele alike. This diverse feedback spectrum left me pondering whether engaging with this company would be a fruitful endeavor. To gain a comprehensive understanding, I undertook an in-depth assessment and compiled this review. Foremost, it’s imperative to acquaint yourself with the nature of EduBirdie. Operating on a bidding system, this company allocates the role of writer selection to the customer, rather than making the choice on behalf of the client.

Services Review

Upon initial observation, the range of services offered appears quite limited, until the moment you encounter the “other” option. This is a common practice among bidding services, allowing customers to place orders for any required paper and await bids from writers.

However, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t guarantee a bid for your paper, and even if bids do come in, finding a suitable writer with the necessary qualifications and expertise isn’t assured. Based on my experience, my order attracted numerous bids, and I found no instances of complete absence of bids, as mentioned in various online comments.

Hence, it’s reasonable to conclude that this company boasts a diverse pool of writers with varying backgrounds and levels of experience. Nevertheless, the crucial consideration remains whether these writers are a fitting match for your specific requirements.

Prices Review

As with any other company operating on a similar principle, lacks fixed prices or any form of discounts. The sole price mentioned on the website is a minimum rate of $18 per page, which regrettably positions this company as relatively expensive.

Initiating at $18 per page, this starting rate proves steep for academic content with longer deadlines, and the absence of any discount options presents a notable drawback. Given that the company allows writers to bid and customers to choose, opportunities for loyalty programs and newcomer discounts are inherently limited.

Ultimately, the determining factor revolves around the bid you opt for and your potential ability to negotiate a more favorable price.

Content Quality

In an effort to provide a comprehensive review, I proceeded to place an order on EduBirdie. The outcome yielded a total of 30 bids within half an hour, implying that customers needn’t endure prolonged wait times for bids.

While this expeditious response time is commendable, I was disheartened by the fact that the majority of bidders didn’t possess the qualifications necessary to handle my term paper. It seemed as though they indiscriminately applied to every available order in hopes of securing work.

Regrettably, this necessitated significant time spent on scrutinizing writers’ portfolios to identify the most suitable candidate for the order. Despite these efforts, the quality delivered fell short of our expectations, even from the best writer who had bid on our order. The term paper not only failed to align with the chosen academic level but also exhibited instances of plagiarism.

Customer Support Agents

Upon receiving the term paper from the assigned writer, I contacted the customer support agents for assistance. Impressively, EduBirdie offers 24/7 customer support, promptly offering me an immediate revision for the subpar paper. Despite this, numerous issues persisted with the term paper, leading to my request for a second revision being denied.

Overall, my interaction with the customer service was largely positive, with the agents displaying professionalism and efficiency in addressing my concerns.

Final Thoughts allows customers the autonomy to select a writer for their paper from an array of bidders. However, this company’s high pricing and lack of discounts, coupled with the uncertainty of securing a proficient writer and receiving a high-quality paper, warrant caution in considering its services.

Because of all this, I cannot recommend EduBirdie to students in need of academic assistance.


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