Wouldn’t it be appealing to review samples of a writer’s work before entrusting them with your order? Most individuals would find this valuable, and I was no exception. However, I initially struggled to discern the feasibility of such a process, given that the company matches writers with assignments based on their availability and the specified requirements. Surprisingly, there is an option to access writers’ samples on the website, albeit for an additional fee of $5. Essentially, this means that they assign a writer to you and then charge you to assess their credibility through sample works. While I found this approach frustrating, it was not compelling enough to deter my interest. As a result, I persisted in my exploration, ultimately compiling a comprehensive review of for your perusal.

Services Review

The array of services offered here is remarkably comprehensive, extending beyond the realm of academic assistance. caters not only to students but also to customers in need of press releases, email campaigns, landing pages, and blog posts. Their service scope also includes editing and proofreading, rendering it one of the most extensive offerings available.

While many companies endeavor to meet the demands of their target audience, this company has taken an extra step, expanding its audience even further. Nonetheless, with a writer count of just over 500, concerns arise regarding their capacity to effectively address such a diverse range of services.

Review of Prices

Interestingly, appears to cater to a broad spectrum of content needs, yet its price list is primarily geared toward students. The pricing structure is based on factors such as page count, deadline, and academic level.

Depending on the page count and expenditure, you may qualify for a discount. These discounts aren’t part of a traditional loyalty program; instead, they’re bulk discounts that become applicable after reaching a spending threshold of $500. While the offer may seem remarkable, it’s quite challenging to attain. Even if achieved, the discounts are modest – 5% for $500, 10% for $1000, and 15% for $2000!

Nonetheless, the initial prices are reasonable, making these bulk discounts potentially unnecessary. Still, the absence of a loyalty program is a significant drawback for frequent customers, considering that many other services provide such incentives.

For new customers seeking special offers, I must disappoint you – there’s no offer for loyal customers, implying that new customers won’t receive any either.

Quality of Content

Given the absence of discounts, I had hoped for commendable quality. However, as reflected in online CustomWritings reviews, the quality is merely average.

The extent of plagiarism present in the content would warrant severe repercussions in most academic institutions, leading to low grades and a tarnished reputation. The writing skills of the writers also leave much to be desired, reinforcing my assessment of average quality.

Assistance from Customer Support Agents

Thankfully, the live chat agents are swift and professional in their responses. I promptly received approval for a free revision. However, this didn’t alleviate my situation significantly since the writer was seemingly ‘unavailable’ at the moment. Consequently, I had to wait 24 hours for them to regain availability. Eventually, the writer addressed my paper, focusing solely on the reported plagiarism without any substantial improvements.

Concluding Thoughts

The extensive service selection and responsive customer support are commendable aspects of this platform. Nevertheless, these factors alone fall short of creating a compelling case. Without competitive pricing strategies and noteworthy paper quality, a company is unlikely to thrive in this competitive market.

Hence, I am inclined to believe that CustomWritings isn’t a dependable option to consider and strongly recommend exploring alternatives for quality content needs.


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