Numerous companies provide online writing assistance, and a prevalent task many individuals encounter is assignment writing. Personally, I wouldn’t characterize assignment writing as a favored activity. I find these tasks quite challenging due to the tight deadlines involved. Today, I’ve taken it upon myself to evaluate a service that claims to offer exceptional assignment writing assistance to students across all academic levels. The team specializes in delivering homework and assignment aid across a range of subjects. They pledge to assist you in achieving your desired grade in your class. While perusing the content on their website, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of ambiguity regarding the nature of their services. Are they providing educational guidance to their clients? Is the Boost My Grade team actively composing papers on behalf of students, or are they primarily focused on demonstrating the correct approach? I found myself in a state of uncertainty, and it’s clear why potential clients might experience similar confusion when attempting to place an order. Thus, I have taken the initiative to craft this Boost My Grades review, aiming to shed light on this team’s intricacies for anyone who happens upon this page.

Overview of Services

If you were in search of a reputable academic writing company that offers a range of services such as essays, book reviews, and dissertations, it’s unlikely that Boost My Grade is the team you’re seeking. These individuals have opted for a different niche, and the controversial reviews about Boost My Grade support this observation. According to their website, this team provides services that appear to border on academic dishonesty. These include taking exams and online classes, tasks that are typically meant for personal learning and testing of one’s subject knowledge. Personally, I tend to handle such assignments on my own, as I have reservations about relying on an online entity that may lack the required expertise. Nevertheless, they do offer more legitimate services like assignments and essay writing, where no ethical concerns arise. In these cases, you can receive a paper in your inbox and submit it for your class after a review.

Review of Prices

I consistently prefer services that uphold complete transparency. Such services usually present a clear price list on their website, which is key to identifying a trustworthy writing company. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Boost My Grade. Details about their prices are notably absent from their website. To obtain a price quote from this service, you must first register, verify your registration, and then provide the necessary details to the team to receive a quote. I personally find this approach to client interaction somewhat questionable. Numerous reviews of Boost My Grade that I encountered online echo the sentiment that this company appears suspicious and tends to be more expensive compared to other transparent counterparts.

Quality of Content

Determining the worthiness of a company requires firsthand experience. To set my review apart from the Boost My Grade reviews I came across online, I opted to order an essay paper from them. There was no discount available, and I paid over $100 for the paper. I chose an argumentative essay on Shakespeare’s studies to evaluate their quality. The delivered paper centered on Shakespearean studies, a topic that may be challenging to approach creatively. While the paper arrived on time, its quality left much to be desired. I detected several typos, improper formatting, and a lack of engaging content. It appeared more like a rehashed piece rather than an original work.

Customer Support Agents

In my pursuit of learning more about this company, I sought interaction with their representatives regarding revisions, corrections, and other essential matters for students. I was taken aback to discover that the support team operates within limited hours. They remain unavailable for approximately 12 hours on Sunday through Thursday, and they are closed entirely on Fridays and Saturdays. You can reach out to the support team through phone and email. I attempted to call, but my calls went unanswered. Consequently, I resorted to writing an email and received a response after a couple of days. To my disappointment, I learned that they do not provide assistance with revisions and formatting; these tasks were to be undertaken by me.

Boost My Grade Review – Final Thoughts

Upon delving into the details of Boost My Grade, I was left perplexed by the company’s continued existence. The absence of transparent pricing, limited 24/7 support, and an uncertainty of receiving the paid-for assistance raise significant concerns. While their focus on homework and assignment aid, along with online exam and test support, may hold promise considering the current educational landscape, a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach is imperative. Students should be assured of a superior level of service and guarantees when engaging with such platforms. To sum up my BoostMyGrade review, I can recommend this company neither for assignment writing nor for online tests or exams. Stay Away.


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