Review presents a handful of student reviews upfront. But will that deter me from exploring the service and forming my own evaluation? Absolutely not! From my past experiences, I’ve learned that these “testimonials” on websites can often be fabricated. While that may not necessarily hold true this time, I will conduct my investigation and craft an elaborate review of Boom Essays. Upon initial inspection, BoomEssays appears to be a decent and legitimate service. The pricing is undoubtedly reasonable. However, the website’s layout is a bit more intricate than what I’m accustomed to. There’s an abundance of text scattered throughout, making it challenging for me to locate the essential information I was seeking.

Services Review

The range of services is accessible through a dropdown menu within the price calculator. However, upon closer examination, I encountered the initial indication of an issue. Allow me to elaborate on this matter. BoomEssays offers several service categories: essay composition, academic paper creation, proofreading, editing, copywriting, tackling math/physics/economic/statistics problems, addressing multiple choice questions, providing resume/CV assistance, delivering dissertation services, admission aid, and… brace yourself… rewriting! It appears that this writing service aims to encompass every possible offering to attract a diverse array of orders. Yet, considering the limited availability of only 70 writers at the time of my assessment of this essay service, I find it perplexing how Boom Essays can effectively cater to every field of study and cover every order type. Let me clarify: these are freelance writers who specialize in paraphrasing existing content. Even when opting for original paper creation, there’s no certainty that unique content is delivered. In my scenario, the essay I received wasn’t entirely distinctive.

Prices Review

Now I comprehend the rationale behind the lower prices. Given that you’re essentially compensating for paraphrasing, it’s a straightforward maneuver for the essay writing service to reduce the costs. A broad array of deadlines is available, spanning from 14 days to 3 hours. The pricing commences at $12.99 per page and escalates to $41.99 per page for high school-level students. Six other tiers of quality are offered, ranging from Freshman to Doctoral. The Doctoral tier, representative of the highest writing quality, bears prices ranging from $21.99 to $53.99 per page. It transpires that the service is not notably budget-friendly for the elevated quality tiers. Boom Essays extends discounts to its clientele. First-time users are provided with a boom essays discount code entailing a 15% reduction. For devoted users (although it’s dubious who could be loyal to this writing service!), discounts of 5%, 10%, or 15% are available.

Content Quality

To compose this review of Boom Essays, I procured a paper from the service. My intuition was immediately piqued upon encountering the “rewriting” red flag. My expectations for an unfavorable outcome proved accurate. Initially, let me acknowledge that the service delivered the essay promptly, earning it some commendation in that aspect. At first glance, the paper didn’t appear egregiously subpar. However, its simplicity was overly conspicuous. While I acknowledge the significance of readability in academic writing, the sentences resembled what an elementary student might formulate. Nevertheless, the content remained on the designated topic. Subsequently, I scrutinized it via Copyscape, revealing a 13% plagiarism match. Upon investigating the two sources Copyscape identified, it became evident that the content had been paraphrased. I had commissioned academic paper writing but received a product indicative of rewriting. This constitutes a substantial predicament.

Is Boom Essays Legit?

  • The answer is – no. Based on corroborating testimonials and my comprehensive Boom Essays review, there exists no conclusive evidence affirming the service’s legality or reliability.
An evaluation of information concerning Boom Essays on Reddit yielded no discernible reviews. However, a noteworthy discovery was made on Trustpilot:
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Still in doubt about the legality of this service?

Customer Support Agents

Throughout the process of placing an order, the customer support agents remained accessible through the live chat feature. It’s important to note that when seeking assistance, you’re required to complete a form with your name and email before gaining access to the live chat, implying a certain degree of waiting. The effectiveness of the support system diminishes when you request a refund. Their approach tends to involve persuasion, suggesting that the paper is satisfactory and could be greatly improved through minor revisions.

Final Thoughts

I do not recommend as a legitimate service for students. My overall experience was highly unsatisfactory. Despite the relatively reasonable prices, I essentially squandered my funds on a futile paper, all for the sake of crafting this Boom Essays review. Upon reflection, this service is far from budget-friendly. In fact, it proves to be more costly than my initial assumption. Because of this, I’d recommend you to stay away from Boom Essays as the quality of their writing services is not worth what they charge.

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