Sustaining a commendable reputation within the bustling writing industry is undoubtedly challenging, particularly for a company that has been operating since its inception. Nevertheless, appears to manage this feat adeptly. Online evaluations of this company predominantly lean towards the positive, with only a small fraction of negative feedback from clientele. However, I believe in affording every company an unbiased assessment and do not endorse it without firsthand experience. Peruse my comprehensive review to uncover the insights our experts unveiled concerning their service offerings, pricing, customer support, and the caliber of their content.

Services Review

The Services page systematically organizes all offerings into distinct categories. BestEssay presents an extensive array of academic papers and additional solutions like editing and proofreading. BestEssay affords the option to procure various writing services such as essays, term papers, research papers, speeches, and articles. Alternatively, you can delve into other service categories including admission writing and editing, dissertation and thesis services, assignments, as well as editing services. This arrangement is indicative of a reputable writing provider. The reality is that assistance might be required beyond a single instance, and opting for a service with a broad spectrum of offerings is undoubtedly advantageous.

Prices Review

Best Essay offers papers ranging from $21.99 to $60.99 per page, with pricing influenced by paper quality, deadline, and page count. For those familiar with the pricing landscape of the writing market, it’s apparent that these rates fall within the higher bracket. Numerous companies propose to produce identical papers at lower costs, some of which enjoy significant popularity and are well-established choices. However, this scenario is not as dire as it might initially seem. While Best Essay indeed presents a premium pricing structure, it’s essential not to overlook their discount opportunities. With an initial 15% discount, the first paper can be obtained at an attractively affordable rate. Subsequently, recurring customers can avail silver discounts of 5%, 10%, and 15%. These discounts are awarded based on the cumulative page count ordered since the initial engagement with This mechanism implies that the more one engages with the company, the more favorable the pricing becomes.

Quality of Content

Considering the pricing turned out better than anticipated, I decided to invest the stipulated amount and proceeded to place an order with Best Essay. This facilitated an evaluation of content quality, service efficacy, and allowed me to relay this experience to my readers. boasts an extensive array of paper options, affording ample choices. However, I ultimately opted for an essay, a common academic paper, to gauge the service’s handling of a widely sought-after format. The cost of the argumentative essay was reasonable, and the quality aligned precisely with my expectations. The essay was skillfully crafted, evidently grounded in comprehensive research. Proper citation of all sources was maintained, and the essay had undergone thorough editing before delivery. A commendable achievement!

Customer Support Agents

The customer support team is accessible through a toll-free phone number and via the live chat feature on the website. To gauge the quality of customer service, I interacted with both avenues. Having engaged in this evaluation, I can confidently affirm that the service provided here is exemplary. My queries were promptly addressed, and I appreciated the affable demeanor of the designated agents. Particularly noteworthy was the proactive initiative of a live chat agent who even called me to guide me through the essay procurement process—an exceptionally helpful gesture. Following my essay order placement, I inquired about the expected delivery timeline and received a free progress report from the agents.

Concluding Remarks stands out as one of the pioneering writing services that initiated online paper provision, successfully upholding their reputation over the years. The essay I obtained from them was not only reasonably priced but also exhibited commendable quality. Because of all this, I can recommend BestEssay as a good provider when it comes to academic papers and writing assignments.


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