Review offers you the opportunity to directly communicate with your assigned writer. This eliminates the need to involve agents to mediate or keep you informed about progress, and removes any concerns about whether the company-selected writer will meet your agreed-upon deadline. The company boasts an impeccable reputation, which is undoubtedly beneficial for you. The remaining aspects to consider include their order handling efficiency, pricing structure, and the quality of their support system, which will be assessed in light of the feedback they receive.

Services Review

Until the completion of your educational journey, this company remains a valuable resource at your disposal. I make this assertion because their writers are prepared to tackle an extensive range of papers on your behalf, which is undeniably one of the most promising attributes I’ve encountered during my exploration of writing services.

My evaluations always commence with a review of the services, as this information is straightforward to verify and plays a modest role in your ultimate decision. After all, it’s the combination of pricing and quality that predominantly influences the final choice.

Nonetheless, a comprehensive list of services is highly commendable and implies that you may never have to seek out another writing service if the company excels.

Prices Review

Pricing may pose some challenges for those constrained by limited budgets. Originally, Assignmentmasters is one of the higher-priced companies, with the lowest cost starting at $20.82 per page for most papers. It’s important to note that this price pertains to the quality option rather than academic level, but Standard quality typically corresponds to lower academic tiers. For Master’s or PhD students, selecting the second or even third quality option is advisable.

You might have anticipated that these options come with higher prices than the Standard option, and you’d be correct. Premium quality starts at $22.21, while Platinum begins at $23.61. While the difference may not be substantial, these rates still surpass the average student budget.

Fortunately, I discovered something to provide relief. Assignment Masters boasts high prices, yet they also offer some of the most appealing discount options in the market. The best deal starts with a remarkable 20% discount for new customers on their initial order, which is truly impressive!

Once you’ve ordered 15 pages, you begin accumulating towards a loyalty program. This program affords you discounts ranging from 5% to 15% on all subsequent orders, essentially ensuring that these high rates need not apply to most customers on this platform.

Content Quality

Companies that promise exceptional papers always evoke high expectations, and I was particularly intrigued to see what this popular company genuinely delivered. Hence, I placed an order for a research paper and observed its progress over the span of our 5-day deadline.

Considering the price I paid was considerably better than anticipated due to the substantial first-time discount, I harbored doubts about the quality. However, the writer not only met all my stipulations but exceeded them. The research paper was well-written, with only minor errors necessitating rectification.

Customer Support Agents

Neither the deadline nor paper quality posed any concerns; hence, I had no complaints about the support agents. Regardless, I contacted them for the purpose of completing this review and employed the live chat option, which is the most prevalent method of contact.

The results were equally commendable. The agent I conversed with, Charlotte, was unmistakably a human agent rather than a bot. She provided prompt responses, exceeding my expectations, and displayed the utmost friendliness among all agents I’ve interacted with.

Final Thoughts

While an extensive list of services alone does not determine a company’s greatness, it certainly marks an auspicious beginning. This was succeeded by commendable paper quality and reasonable pricing.

With all these factors considered, I am pleased to recommend AssignmentMasters as a legitimate and dependable choice for your academic papers.


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