I’ve noticed a growing trend in the popularity of Academized among students who are new to the service. This surge in popularity could be attributed to the appealing website design and effective marketing strategies. It’s worth noting that I’ve encountered their advertisements frequently on platforms like Facebook. Why do I suggest that this service attracts students who haven’t yet experienced it? Well, because those who do try it often refrain from recommending it. The internet is replete with numerous Academized reviews, and they tend to be less than favorable. Intrigued by this pattern, I decided to delve deeper. I took the step of ordering an essay from them. My initial impressions of the website were positive, but regrettably, the final outcome cast a shadow on those impressions. Keep reading; I’m about to divulge the specifics of my assessment.

Services Review

Broadly speaking, offers a range of six distinct writing services:
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Math/science
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting
  • Editing
Students often find themselves puzzled by the term copywriting. This service caters to website owners who require content for their landing pages. The company’s writers craft this content based on the provided instructions. Interestingly, there’s another service type listed: rewriting. This is an opportune moment to caution against EVER ordering rewriting services online. Such services entail plagiarism, which is frowned upon by professors. While the rewritten content may be modified to evade plagiarism detection tools, the underlying ideas and arguments are often sourced from readily available materials. Your professors are likely familiar with these sources. If you’re considering purchasing papers online, it’s advisable to opt for services that produce original content and provide appropriate citations.

Prices Review

The pricing structure at falls within the industry average. Customers can select from a range of quality levels, including High School, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Doctoral. Deadline options are available from 14 days down to 3 hours. For instance, the most budget-friendly rate for an essay pertains to the High School quality with a 14-hour deadline, priced at $12.99 per page. On the other hand, opting for Doctoral quality with a three-hour deadline incurs a charge of $53.99 per page. Academized excels in offering discounts. A first-time order grants a 15% discount. The loyalty program functions based on the cumulative page count of your orders. Regular customers can benefit from discounts of 5%, 10%, or 15%.

Content Quality

Where should I even start? Taking a leap of faith, I ordered a Master’s level paper, investing $35.99 per page with a 48-hour deadline. However, the paper didn’t arrive within the 48-hour period; instead, it took twice as long. The customer support representative justified the delay, citing difficulties in finding a writer due to high demand. Yet, why should the customer bear the brunt of their operational issues? Timely delivery is paramount, regardless of internal constraints. The quality fell short of expectations. While not terrible, it certainly didn’t match Master’s level standards. It was evident that the writer had paraphrased segments from Wikipedia and other common sources, despite my explicit request for original, scratch-written content.

Customer Support Agents

The problem isn’t me; it’s them. Perusing various online Academized reviews, I noted that many other customers also had grievances about the customer support system. Initially, the agents were courteous. When I inquired about the feasibility of my project, they promptly affirmed it was achievable. However, their response to the delay was deeply unsatisfactory. While I understand that it isn’t the agent’s fault, it’s a systemic issue within They make promises they can’t honor and then fail to rectify the situation.

Academized Reviews – Final Thoughts

Although I managed to secure a partial refund due to the delay, I strongly discourage fellow students from engaging with Timely submission is pivotal, and if the writer fails to deliver on schedule, students are left in a precarious position. Professors seldom extend deadlines. Furthermore, the paper’s quality was questionable. Although I requested revisions, the writer didn’t comply. Their excuse was that the content was unique. I countered with screenshots from Wikipedia, revealing content rewrites. They countered with plagiarism detection tool screenshots, demonstrating a lack of direct plagiarism. A protracted email exchange ensued as I explained plagiarism and the expectation of original content. However, no revisions were forthcoming. In my view, Academized epitomizes failure. Because of this, I believe that a cheap price is far from enough to rank high among writing services, and definitely not enough for me to recommend Academized to you. Stay away from them.


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