99papers.com Review

While the company promotes an effortless ordering process in just a few clicks, my experience with 99papers.com proved to be quite time-consuming. I was initially perplexed, assuming it operated as a bidding platform. For those who share this misconception, let me clarify: it is not. Although they subtly encourage you to opt for a specific writer, potentially to generate additional revenue, you can bypass this feature and have an available writer automatically assigned to your order. For the purpose of this 99papers review, that’s exactly what I opted for. Most companies follow a similar approach, leading me to believe the process would be straightforward. However, the act of placing the order became rather protracted as I awaited a confirmation email for well over thirty minutes. To compound the delay, the order itself took additional time to be confirmed. Nevertheless, there are more significant aspects I need to detail, so continue perusing this 99 papers review.

Services Review

The service offerings provided by 99papers have been the most disappointing and limited that I’ve encountered thus far. With just a handful of choices available, their options encompass: essays, research papers, term papers, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes, dissertations, and theses. And that’s the extent of it! No reviews, reports, homework assistance, coursework aid, or any other selections that are commonly offered by other writing companies. At this juncture, my disappointment with the service had already begun to take root. Despite their claim of being highly popular, their service catalog is surprisingly meager. This could have been acceptable if the quality of the papers they produce was commendable; however, 99papers reviews don’t paint a positive picture at all.

Prices Review

Although the service list left me disheartened, this aspect managed to spark my interest. The pricing is remarkably low, making me wonder why more students aren’t taking advantage of their services. With the rates they offer and the quality they profess, one would expect a deluge of orders. I say this because the cost for a single page paper is only $8.97. Such rates are scarcely found online, even when considering any discounts. Furthermore, 99papers extends a 5% discount for first-time orders, alongside a loyalty program. Unfortunately, the specifics of the loyalty program eluded me, as the agents declined to share this information until I made a purchase. Given the scarcity of feedback from returning customers, this crucial information remains shrouded. Even their supplementary paid features come at a nominal price. Engaging a top writer adds a mere $7.99 to your order, while an editor’s review costs only $4.99 for the entire paper. Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend opting for these add-ons should you choose to order from them.

Content Quality

Judging by their pricing, I should have foreseen that the content quality of 99papers would be subpar. However, it wasn’t just below par; it was predominantly plagiarized from another source. Despite the $30 investment for a college paper, it held negligible value – literally. If I were to have submitted it on the same day, it would have been more prudent to submit nothing at all. Upon running the content through a plagiarism checker, I received an alarming result – a staggering 69% plagiarism across a three-page paper. Such an outcome is unacceptable and warrants at the very least a refund, not to mention revisions and a substantial apology. Regrettably, I was denied all of these remedies.

Customer Support Agents

My initial interaction with a support agent took place when I sought information about their loyalty program. Much to my surprise, they opted not to disclose this information. Apparently, while they do offer a fixed first-time discount, loyalty discounts are only extended upon making subsequent orders. Based on my encounter with them, it’s doubtful that I’ll ever place another order. When I subsequently expressed my dissatisfaction, they ceased responding entirely. As a result, I wasn’t afforded a revision, as none was offered. Such behavior reflects poorly on the guarantees they boast of and significantly tarnishes the overall quality of the company.

Final Thoughts

While a limited service selection isn’t inherently problematic, it can indeed pose issues. In the case of 99papers.com, plagiarism marred their service. Despite their exceptionally affordable rates and polished website, the service quality and content quality leave much to be desired. Because of this, I stay away from 99papers, as plagiarism that covers over half of my paper is the gravest problem you can have with a writing company. Don’t waste your money here.



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