7DollarEssay.com Review

7DollarEssay.com’s main website prominently states its specialization in providing custom essays, academic papers, and diverse content writing services. The platform boasts a team of adept writers, all proficient in writing and all native English speakers. It was the layout and content of their website that piqued my interest and propelled me to take action. The site showcased numerous favorable aspects, prompting me to proceed with placing an order. Opting for a research paper, I aimed for a meticulously executed piece. Furnishing them with a comprehensive list of requirements, I emphasized the need for their careful adherence during the writing process. However, their execution proved to be deeply disappointing. Allow me to delve into the details for a comprehensive understanding.

Services Review

The 7DollarEssay.com website showcases an array of writing services, spanning article writing, assignment writing, admission essays, book reviews, case studies, term papers, research papers, homework writing, PowerPoint presentations, speech writing, and more. Interestingly, their homepage includes a statement promoting their free order creation feature. This means that clients can initiate an order without immediate payment, paying only once the work is confirmed as completed. Despite their assurance of providing quality services, my experience did not align with this claim.

Prices Review

Their website does not present a comprehensive list of prices; instead, they highlight a $7 rate per page, which appears reasonable. However, a low price can sometimes correlate with low quality, and that’s precisely what I encountered. In comparison to other writing services, 7DollarEssay’s rates seemed quite affordable. After exploring their website, I felt optimistic about their offerings. The pricing was appealing and well-matched with my budgetary considerations. However, I was prepared to invest more for a better quality service rather than settling for a subpar result at a lower cost.

Content Quality

Dismal! Not a single aspect met my expectations. The writer completely disregarded a straightforward instruction mentioned in my requirements. To begin with, nothing was cohesive; the paragraphs failed to connect, rampant grammar errors persisted, sentence structure was poor, punctuation was virtually nonexistent, prepositions were missing, and the list goes on. It appeared evident that the writer responsible for the paper lacked English proficiency as a native language, indicating non-native status. I requested revisions, only to receive the same substandard result.

Customer Service Agents

Up until the point of paper delivery, everything proceeded smoothly. The customer service agents were prompt, courteous, and adept at addressing my inquiries. Their responsiveness was impressive, often providing solutions within seconds. However, when confronted with the abysmal paper quality and my subsequent queries, the situation took a nosedive. Hours of waiting yielded no resolution, and the support team failed to offer assistance or a refund. The paper I received was of utterly poor quality, rendering it unusable.

Final Thoughts

My experience with 7DollarEssay.com was incredibly disheartening. The paper proved utterly worthless, and I had to double-pay for an alternative solution from another source. The research conducted was a far cry from my specified requirements. On the due date, I was furnished with an inaccurate paper, rendering it unusable for my intended purpose. Because of this, I definitely suggest you stay away from 7DollarEssay, if you’re looking for high quality writing service. Don’t waste time and money here.



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