1ws.com Review

The selection of the company name 1ws.com is undeniably unconventional. However, upon visiting their website, the underlying significance became apparent. The site is aptly titled the ‘first writing service’. It’s essential to note that this nomenclature doesn’t imply that the company was the pioneering writing service to emerge, nor does it suggest it holds a top-tier ranking. Curiously, the rationale behind this name remains elusive to me. Nonetheless, my focus pivoted towards uncovering details about the quality, range of services, and pricing structure extended to customers. If you’re keen on delving deeper, continue reading this comprehensive review.

Services Review

The array of services offered by 1ws is nothing short of impressive. They cater to an array of academic papers, individual projects like speeches, diverse business writing genres, admission services, dissertations, as well as editing and proofreading offerings. The scope of their services extends beyond mere student assistance, encompassing the preparation of speeches and business plans.

Prices Review

While it might not be at the pinnacle in terms of quality, 1ws unquestionably secures a prominent position in terms of affordability. Their pricing structure boasts rates that stand out as exceptionally economical when weighed against the market average. A quote falling below $10 per page sans additional discounts presents a compelling proposition for students, possibly obviating the need for further exploration. However, for me, these prices raise skepticism, especially since they fail to convincingly affirm the involvement of highly qualified writers. The pricing table commences at a base rate of $9.97 per page. This rate corresponds to the undergraduate level and the longest possible deadline for an essay of this academic tier – a fortnight. The price progression is notably gradual, culminating at a mere $31 per page for the same paper with a deadline of just 6 hours, a figure significantly below that of most top-tier companies. This further amplified my reservations concerning quality, compelling me to seek insights beyond the confines of the website. While the testimonials within their domain might be glowing and the prices exceptionally attractive, the company’s reputation in the eyes of students is dismally low, a fact I encountered with increasing frequency. The appeal deepens with the presence of enticing discounts. Although these are not permanent discounts, they are applicable to orders exceeding $500 and $1000 (a feat that proves rather challenging with these modest prices). This was an unexpected discovery in itself.

Content Quality

The facet that held my greatest interest, given the identified pricing and reputation of 1ws online, was content quality. Much to my profound disappointment, reality mirrored the sentiments expressed outside the confines of the website. In stark contrast to the laudatory testimonials that could mislead one into anticipating commendable papers, my personal experience was nothing short of disastrous. The quality was egregiously subpar. Not only did it fall short of the stipulated word count, but the content itself was bewildering. Often, I struggled to comprehend the writer’s intent in the article. The prose appeared as if penned in a foreign language or by someone unfamiliar with English writing conventions. Furthermore, no proofreading had been undertaken, rendering any attempt at editing an exercise in futility.

Customer Support Agents

Given the gravity of the content-related issues, I promptly sought recourse through 1ws.com’s customer support. Unfortunately, the live chat functionality proved deeply flawed – an automated bot that never connected to a human agent and furnished responses that lacked efficacy. Thus, I resorted to the phone option, allowing customers to share concerns via message with a request for a callback. Regrettably, despite my request, no callback materialized. This outcome likely arose from my solicitation for a free revision and partial refund.

1WS.com Review – Final Thoughts

While certain aspects of 1ws.com warrant praise, such as their expansive service array and competitive pricing, they falter in the two pivotal aspects that determine a writing service’s value – quality and support. The quality I encountered ranks among the poorest I’ve assessed thus far, marked by inadequately comprehensive content and a glaringly substandard writing style. Compounding this issue is the dearth of effective mechanisms to address such concerns, a deficiency that, according to other customers, appears to be a recurrent occurrence. Because of this, I believe that 1ws.com is not the best company to work with, as the quality of their services is not worth the money they charge.



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