Who Invented Homework? And Why?

How Ancient is the Concept of Homework?

The true origin of homework remains shrouded in mystery. In the distant past, perhaps even when cave dwellers imparted lessons on pig hunting to their offspring, practice spears may have been handed out for home experimentation in sibling rivalry. The inception of the modern homework notion is linked to Italy, a connection unsurprising considering its intellectual and academic significance. Nestled within Italy lies the Vatican, a hub attracting countless learners, readers, and writers year-round. Given this academic environment, it’s fitting that Italy would emerge as the birthplace of the modern homework trend. The first recorded instance of teachers assigning written homework dates back to 1901. Roberto Nevilis, a teacher based in Venice, stands as the trailblazer. He regularly tasked his students with preparing written assignments at home for classroom presentation. Roberto Nevilis can be credited with introducing the modern version of homework—shifting written work from the confines of the classroom to the students’ abodes.

Why Did Roberto Nevilis Introduce Homework?